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Locals vie to turn trash into treasures

By KayLynn Roberts-McMurray  The Ely Times We all know that you’re supposed to reduce, reuse and recycle, but for artists, reuse and recycle often have totally different meaning than they do for … [Read More...]


Lions overwhelm Bobcat baseball

Lions are stronger than Bobcats, at least in the animal world.  And on the baseball diamond at Yerington this past weekend, they were just as much.In … [Read More...]

White Pine girls takes one at Yerington

A thrilling play ended the Saturday game between the White Pine and Yerington softball teams. The Lady Bobcats were holding on 4-2 in the bottom of … [Read More...]

White Pine softball off to a slow start

It was a slow beginning for the White Pine High softball team despite having eight returning players from last year’s team. The girls went 1-4 to … [Read More...]

Ladycats move into 2A Northern League

Special to The Ely Times The White Pine High softball team moves to the 2A Northern League this season after a few years in the Southern League and … [Read More...]

WPHS Rodeo team heading to Moapa

The White Pine Jr. High and High School Rodeo Team will be competing at the Moapa Rodeo this weekend. The Rodeo will be held at the Clark County … [Read More...]

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Meet the Candidates

In person absentee voting formerly known as “Early Voting” is underway for the Primary Election for Ely City Council. Voting began March 10th, and … [Read More...]

Is This You

Sidetracking Think of what words go along with the word “side.” Side-saddle. I like to think that side-saddle was the way that ladies of old … [Read More...]


Time to stop police from extorting cash and property

The appalling Constitution-bending practice by which law enforcement agencies have for years seized private property under the presumption it is the … [Read More...]

Prevailing wage law change will cost taxpayers

A fool and his money are soon parted. In Nevada those fools are the taxpayers who keep electing Democrat majorities to send to Carson City to pick … [Read More...]


Nancy Carol Lovell Brickey

1933 - 2017 Nancy Carol Lovell Brickey, 84, died at Indian Path Medical Friday, March 10, 2017. Nancy was born in Osaka, Virginia to William … [Read More...]

Alexandra (Alyx) Camille Piscovich

B 10/26/1993 - D. 3/6/2017 Alexandra (Alyx) Camille Piscovich, age 23, died unexpectedly but peacefully on the morning of March 6, 2017 in Ely. She … [Read More...]

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Chamber seeking interested members to serve on Board of Directors

White Pine Chamber of Commerce is seeking interested Chamber members in good standing to serve on the Board of Directors. The term is for three … [Read More...]

Alzheimer’s meeting in March

Effective communication strategies teaches caregivers to decode verbal and behavioral communication by someone with Alzheimer’s and other … [Read More...]

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