J.L. Chastain

J.L. Chastain

J.L. Chastain

JL Chastain was born June 21st, 1940 to Gladys James and John Lee Chastain. He was raised in Lewis, Colorado. JL married at the age of 19 to Loretta Williams. He drove truck for 32 years. JL moved from Ely, Nevada to Canada in 1975. He spent his remaining 22 years in the Manson, MB area. JL passed away July 16th, 2013 at Elkwood Manor in Elkhorn, MB.

He is survived by his wife Loretta, his four children,Glenda, Gerald (Reva), Twyla (Paul), Wendell, 5 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren.

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  1. Jerry Chastain says:

    Loretta Chastain passed away July 27,2013 , 11 days after JL,

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