Sheriff’s office receives reports of explosive devices

The White Pine County Sheriff’s Office over the last several weeks received reports of explosive devices being set off in the Ely area. Several of the devices had been placed near a local school. No damage or injuries had been reported. On November 15, 2013 while Sheriff’s Deputies were assisting with a fire being handled by the Ely Fire Department they observed two individuals acting suspicious in the area. They approached the individuals and advised them to leave the area. It was later discovered that the two individuals had placed an explosive device near a Ely Fire truck. The explosive device had detonated, but had not caused any damage. The two individuals were located and arrested. One of the individuals was identified as Jerdon D. Long age 20 of Ely and the other was identified as a local male juvenile. Long was booked into the White Pine County Jail on manufacturing an explosive device and possession of an explosive device. He is being held on $25,000 bail. The male juvenile was taken to the Elko Detention Center and is being charged with the same crime. The Sheriff’s Office described the homemade bomb as one made from household chemicals and contained in plastic bottles. Investigation into this incident continues.


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  1. Tonya Ogden says:

    Would like to know what happened to these two young men, anyone have any info?

  2. Its non of youre buisness now is it?

    • not scared like you to put my name LANDON WILLIAMS says:

      Well actually it is her business considering its her son and her sons friend who was involved so please show some respect and quit being a rude ass

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