Coalition to host weed conference in Ely

The Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition is looking forward to its ninth annual Winter Weed Conference, Jan. 9-10 at Ely’s Bristlecone Convention Center.

This year’s conference theme is Battle Born: Ushering Nevada to the Front Line in the War on Invasive Weeds and will feature presentations by speakers from the Nevada Department of Agriculture, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and DuPont, as well as Dr. George Beck of Colorado State University.

Dedicated to preventing the introduction and spread of invasive weeds in the state of Nevada, ENLC has hosted the Winter Weed Conference annually since 2005 as a platform to distribute information about battling weeds in an arid environment with limited resources.

During the event, attendees are able to hear the latest information about noxious and invasive vegetation from a panel of experts. The conference additionally provides interested individuals with the opportunity to take the pesticide applicator’s test and allows previously licensed applicators to gain recertification credits.

For more information on the event, including pre-registration and/or sponsorship materials, please visit the ENLC website at

The Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to restoring the dynamic, diverse, resilient landscapes of the arid and semi-arid West for present and future generations through education, research, advocacy, partnerships, and the implementation of on-the-ground projects.

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