Former White Pine County resident receives war medal

Roy Arnn laid dying on the beach of Normandy, France on what history went on to call D-Day. He had been shot while trying to accomplish his mission of diffusing bombs as part of the U.S. Army 146th Combat Engineers. Army medics passed him by, thinking he was a lost cause.

He kept breathing. Kept fighting for his life, like so many soldiers on that bloody day. Almost 70 years later, the French government recognized Arnn with the Medal of Knight in the Legion of Honor. The award is part of a movement by the French to honor the remaining World War II veterans before it is too late.

Roy1Arnn, who grew up in Ruth and graduated from White Pine High School in 1941, received a standing ovation during the ceremony.

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  1. Charles Basso says:

    Congratulations, Roy.

    Where did the ceremony take place and when?

  2. Lynn and Su An says:

    The Family is very proud of Dad, and is grateful that his defense of France was recognized in the ceremony in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Those in the photo are Ruth classmate Galen Ashworth, Roy’s mother Elsie Arnn, and Roy on the right prior to being shipped out to England.

  3. Glen Saunders says:

    Congratulations Roy. Well deserved. Semper Fidelis

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