Fire & Ice … with a new twist

The annual Fire & Ice celebration takes place this weekend at Cave Lake. (Courtesy photos)

The annual Fire & Ice celebration takes place this weekend at Cave Lake. (Courtesy photos)

The traditional set up at Cave Lake for Fire & Ice is somewhat like a small city.

The streets are plowed so attendees can wander about and watch the sculptors hard at work, play a little golf or test their balance with a little ice skating. This year things may look a bit different.  While sculptors will still be busy, the lack of snow has prompted a few changes.

To start with, the lake is completely clear. The ice is thick and smooth, areas will be designated for skating and golf but with no snow on the ice to plow, the trails won’t be defined. A new twist will be the addition of an ice horseshoe tournament. Teams may sign up starting at 11 a.m. on Sunday, $10 per team winner take all.

The other activities for the weekend will remain the same. The Fireworks train will leave the depot at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. There will be concessions at the lake both Saturday and Sunday beginning about noon.

Entrance to the park on Sunday will be $10 per vehicle and the fireworks at the lake will be at 6 p.m. Sunday evening. So grab your family and friends, load up the sleds and ice skates and come enjoy a beautiful weekend at the lake.

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  1. Monte Allred says:

    I think they should move the fire and Ice one week. You should have it the weekend between the last NFL playoff games and the Superbowl. I think you would get more out of town people to come that way. I know I would come on that weekend. Thank You Monte Allred.

  2. Hailey Ruesch says:

    The Rotary Ice Fishing Derby is always that weekend, so the lake is all booked up.

  3. Ely could increase the out of town revenue for these events by switching weekends. The fishing derby is on Saturday and wouldn’t conflict with the NFC/AFC championship games on Sunday. Fire and Ice is a 3 day event and conflicts with football. Some people won’t make the trip to Fire and Ice because of the conflict. People who go to the derby would likely stay the night, watch the games and place a few football bets in Ely rather than somewhere else. Swapping weekends would attract more people to both events. The result would be an increase in revenue from room nights, meals, food, drink, sports bets, tackle, gas, etc. Are there any negatives to a switch?

  4. max cooper jr says:

    nice to see cave lake in the times no matter what time of year enjoy the outdoors folks Max Denver Colorado Veteran

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