Marriages & Divorces

Mariage licenses and divorces granted for the months of March & April 2014


Sean Robert Douglas and Karlena Delene Shelley, both of Ely, March 3.

Kelly H. Malaperdas and Angela Lynn Mack, both of Ely, March 6.

Curtis Guy of Ely and Julie Jlona Cole of Lethbridge, Canada, march 10.

Nicolas Guadalupe Garza and Carime Alecia Harmon-Bate, both of Ely, March 17.

Richard Arnold Barth of Ely and Rebecca Jeanne Wilcher of McGill, March 19.

Bruce Charles Heflin of Garden Valley, ID and Natalie Vivian Palmer, Needles CA


Teri Williams and Brody Williams, Proper Person, March 26.

Denise G. Allison and Donald R. Allison, Proper Person, March 31.



Jacob Curtis Lee Hallett and Sharina Marie McGarrah, both of Ely, April 29.



Deirdre Dolores Mulliner and Wade Mulliner, Proper Person, April 10.

Shanann Nicole DelGrande and Benjamin Bruno DelGrande, Proper Person, April 17.

Frank Baldwin and Laura Baldwin, Proper Person, April 18.

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