City Council votes to place treasurer on 90 day review

The Ely City Council voted to place City Treasurer Jennifer Rogan on a 90-day review for insubordination in their last meeting on June 12.

According to Mayor Melody Van Camp, Rogan was told by the mayor to write a check for the city’s Fire Chief Ross Rivera. Instead of doing so, Rogan called City Councilman Dale Derbidge to ask if she should. When Derbidge told Rogan not to write the check, Rogan went against the mayor’s order and didn’t write Rivera the check.

Rogan will continue to do her job as usual during the 90-day review while the council considers further actions.

In other news at the City Council meeting, the Holland M. Ware Charitable Foundation awarded the City of Ely a grant for $1,500 for the city’s dog pound. The money will go to add four new “dog runs” which will allow for separation of dogs while they get to run around. The grant was awarded to help prevent incidents of dogs getting into fights in the running area, such as a recent incident that left one dog injured.

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  1. OMFG!!!! Past…… when George Chachas did something without the City Councils input, he got tarred and feathered and ran out of town.. why doesn’t Mayor VanCamp come clean with WHO is behind her dictatorship at City Hall.. I can’t believe this BS is still on going… WTF! could it be Jim Alworth is still playing puppeteer?

    • I agree. And to publish this BS is really sick . I sounds like petty high school. The “Good Oh Boys” at work.. I think the Mayor and a couple of council members did not show any professional restraint on the matter at talking about the problem they were having with Miss Rogan.

    • Susan jJones says:

      I think the mayor is trying to do a good job for ely. When the employee in question will not return calls to the council members, can’t remember what got paid and doesn’t know if there is .15 cents or 15 million in the city coffers, what else is the council to do. This is the taxpayers money she’s handling and she isn’t doing a very good job. If more people would attend the city council meetings and ask questions in stead of repeating gossip, Ely would be a better place.
      Also, the Mayor isn’t a puppet and …….she’s most definately her own person. Maybe you were thinking about the former Mayor?

  2. Glen Saunders says:

    May need to look at what authority the Mayor used to direct the writing of the check. The amount and purpose comes into play and normally needs the full council approval. There is some leeway but not much. Hate to see my hometown act like Obama was running it.

  3. The whole story needs to be reported so the community knows the whole truth; long lunch breaks, people paying their bills in cash and then next month being accused of not paying their bill the month prior and once it is on facebook a council member steps in and the thread is gone so people don’t know the truth, relationships between supervisors and employees, accounts not being reconciled, the list goes on and on. But of course everything his hush hush.

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