City Council approves two for railroad board

Two new members were added to the Railroad Management Board after being nominated by Mayor Melody Van Camp and approved by the Ely City Council at the council’s meeting on Aug. 28.

A controversial agenda item from councilman Sam Hanson to remove the other three members of the management board was tabled until the council’s next meeting on Sept. 11.

The two new members of the Railroad Management Board are Judy Lynn O’Brien and J. Terry Walker. Both Walker and O’Brien will sit on the board until Sept. 30, 2016.

The figure of $374,000 was brought to light as the amount that the city owes to S and S Shortline for track rehabilitation. The amount answered one of the major questions the council and Railroad Board of Trustees have brought up time and again in their meetings.
Councilman Bruce Setterstrom said he was “relieved” at the amount, fearing it might have been much higher. Councilman Marty Westland made it known he’s still wary of the car storage agreement the city is in with S and S Shortline, claiming the city needs to “stop being so nice.”

Westland said his fears stem from S and S Shortline’s history of scrapping small railroads for profit. The council unanimously passed a motion by Westland to instruct City Attorney Richard Sears to draft a letter asking for a renegotiation of terms on the contract.

The two-and-a-half hour meeting at the armory began with nearly 40 minutes of public comment. Many individuals voiced concerns over the council’s on-going involvement in the Nevada Northern Railroad’s affairs, though several said they supported the council’s diligence.

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  1. Why isn’t it brought out in the article that Scott Husbands who represents S and S Shortline AND Mark Bassett (the Management Board), and the ELY TIMES were NOT informed and did NOT sign waivers that Husbands could represent S and S shortline and Mark Bassett. Furthermore the trustees who are the management board did not approve Scott Husbands. This is a direct conflict of interest. This is why I will file a conflict of interest with the Bar Association; therefore Scott Husbands will be removed and/or sanctioned as a lawyer. If you don’t believe me; Fairman has refused to hear this lawsuit. AND the previous law firm, which Husbands wanted to hook up with last week, as per Ely times, refuses to join up with him, due to CONFLICT OF INTEREST. And also add in his father in law, Gionoli who used to be in the managment board – not the overseer!!!

  2. Keith Anderson says:

    Why is Councilman Westland participating in any discussion or vote regarding the railroad? Sure seems like an ethics violation. Given his past work and firing from the railroad. The Mayor should have recognized this and had him obtained from these talks and vote. Better yet. Mr. Westland should have done it himself. Makes me onder what his true motives are!

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