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Time to stop warrantless searches and seizures of private property in Nevada

Civil asset forfeiture has turned into a fundraising scam for federal and local law enforcement agencies, who use the excuse that seized cash, cars and homes are the product of suspected criminal endeavors and thus forfeitable to the government, … [Read more...]

Ernest Leroy Whittaker

Ernest Leroy Whittaker age 71 years, of Ely, Nevada passed away August 25, 2014 in Ely.  He was born June 6, 1943 in Rawlins, Wyoming to Edward and Maimee Whittaker. Ernest served in the US Marine Corp Reserve.  He moved to Ely in 1970, working in … [Read more...]

McGill’s Labor Day celebration

McGill’s Labor Day celebration will begin on Aug. 29 and continue through Aug. 31. This year’s celebration will have a Rock of Ages theme. The parade will be held on the 29th and will be followed by a street dance in the evening. The fes … [Read more...]

Point of View – City Council

By Melody Van Camp and Sam Hanson Mayor of Ely and Ely City Councilman  The comments raised in the two Op/Ed pieces in the 22 August edition of the Ely Times by Richard Howe and S.F.  concerning the recent actions of the Ely City Council have o … [Read more...]

Couple honors daughters memory through local charter service

By Mary Coppock Co-owner of Micky’s Journey Trails Micky’s Journey Trails LLC is a new and upcoming charter service that would like to take you on the greatest adventure of a lifetime, for you and your kids. We’re an Interstate business that cur … [Read more...]

Ely Softball Champions

Ely slow-pitch softball league champions “Pimp my Slide” pose on the field after finishing their season with a 15-1 record. From left to right: Matt Searle. Skylar hall. Kathy Murdock   Fernando Lucero. Levi Valdez. Erin Gonzales. Tricia Reynoso. Donn … [Read more...]

White Pine County Sheriff’s Blotter Report

Submitted by the White Pine Sheriff’s Office for Aug. 19-26. Information and spellings of names contained in the blotter are as released by the WPCSO. Information will not be withheld at the requests of persons whose names appear in the blotter or e … [Read more...]

Hotel Nevada to celebrate Labor Day

Take the day off and end your summer with a fun treat. The historic Hotel Nevada, located in the heart of downtown Ely, will be celebrating Labor Day on Monday, Sept. 1. In honor of this holiday, the Hotel Nevada will be offering guests the … [Read more...]

GBC to hold tech workshops

Great Basin College is offering a variety of workshops to residents seeking guidance with technology devices.  GBC computer class instructor Josh Nicholes holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Management in Technology.  All workshops are on Monday e … [Read more...]

White Pine Golf Course to host member, guest tournament Aug. 30-31

The White Pine Golf Course will host the club’s member/guest tournament starting at 8:30 a.m. on Aug. 30-31. In order to enter, a member of the golf course must bring in a guest from more than 50 miles outside of town and have an established h … [Read more...]