Recall filed for entire city council

Rick Stork hands over a notice of intent otherwise known as a Recall Petition to Deputy City Clerk Jennifer Lee on Sept. 8. (Courtesy photo)

Rick Stork hands over a notice of intent otherwise known as a Recall Petition to Deputy City Clerk Jennifer Lee on Sept. 8. (Courtesy photo)

A notice of intent was filed with the Deputy City Clerk on Sept. 8 to circulate a petition to recall all five sitting members of the city council. The notice, which requires three signatures, was filed by Ely residents Rick Stork, Don Purinton and Chris Lani.

“The way they are operating the city right now, we’ll be lucky if there is any city left in a few years,” Stork said.

According to the Nevada Secretary of State 2013-2014 Recall Guide, filing the notice of intent for the recall petition is just the first of five steps required by the state to remove a public official. The next is to get the required number of signatures on the petition.

“The petition must contain the signatures of not less than 25 percent of the number of persons who actually voted in the state, county, district or municipality, which the public officer represents, at the election in which he/she was elected,” the Nevada Secretary of State’s Recall guide states.

“We are going to need a minimum of 198 signatures for Marty Westland and Dale Derbidge and we are going to need 215 for Bruce Setterstrom, Randy Lee and Sam Hansen,” Stork said. “The way the public is hot right now, I don’t anticipate we’ll have any trouble whatsoever in getting that number of people to sign.”

The guide also stipulates that the signatures must be signed in ink.

If successful, the petition will be given back to the deputy city clerk, who will then pass the document over to the county clerk for the third step in the recall process, “signature verification.”

To verify the signatures, the clerk first takes a “raw count” of the total signatures required to make sure that enough people signed. If so, the clerk will have to verify each signature and then submit a “certificate of results” to the Secretary of State.

At that stage, separate petitions will have to be signed again by 25 percent of the voters from the last city election to nominate candidates to run against the current city council members in a recall election. According to the recall guide, anyone can be nominated as a candidate, provided that they acquire the required amount of signatures.

The five current members of the city council who are listed on the recall petition are: Sam Hansen, Marty Westland, Randy Lee, Dale Derbidge and Bruce Setterstrom. Stork said he will put in another notice of intent for another recall petition against Mayor Melody Van Camp once the required six months has passed since she was appointed on March 14.

For more information about the petition or to sign, call Stork at 775-296-2702.

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  1. Nancy Baker says:

    Really? Another recall? Does anyone remember what happened to the folks who filed against the commissioners (COUNTY – Lampros and Lemich) when they attempted to do this? A gigantic lawsuit and threats against the entire White Pine Constituiency to whomever signed the recall. And these two are actually asking for YOUR VOTE again? So think carefully if you want to file for a recall…………………this is my opinion (first amendment).

    • Nancy,

      Is there any link to an article where I can read of what happened to the people that filed a recall previously? Or if not, could you please tell me when this happened?

      • Apparently the case, in March/April this year was settled. The Advocate, not the Ely Times, covered this in which Lampros had to pay all three of the defendants all of their fees (I believe). Lemich had to pay the majority of the fees. Again, it is in the Advocate.

        • Nathanael says:

          Good grief! Are you saying that the commissioners who were being recalled proceeded to threaten the citizens who were recalling them with bogus lawsuits?

          If so, it was very, very wise to recall them! You don’t want bullies like that as commissioners!

      • The Advocate – March or April of 2014

  2. Really? I gess the people that are doing the recall don’t realize that when you do this that you will be spending are tax dollars. But if you want to do a recall go ahead and don’t we are all ready strapped on are taxes so if you want to spend more for this go right ahead and send white pine county back to state control no wonder why people don’t want to bring in new business with all the games that are being played I don’t blame people for going some where else grow up what they did was wrong yes

  3. This is nothing but a waste of tax payer money by people that tax payers and voters wanted out of office, stork will never get his job back, Bybee
    Can not run again due to term limits, basset is hiding something, iI hope the corruption in this county is comcoming to a end

  4. As a former student of Sam’s, I need to let you know that you continually spell his last name I correctly. It is “HANSON”, not “HANSEN”.

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