Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

To Sargent Marquez and Officer Hart with his dog Figi with the Forest Service.

Thank you for finding Susie who was lost on Ward Mountain. Not sure what would have happened to Susie without your quick response – it was getting cold. —Roy Frates.

Thank you for your professional work in finding me. I was totally turned around and it was very cold and totally dark — Susie Gray.

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  1. Roy Frates says:

    Just wanted to comment on this. Susie had started out properly armed with
    cold weather hat and high tech light in a waist bag. When it started getting
    dark, it got dark fast as it does on Ward. She went for her light and found
    the bag had fallen off. Pretty deep in the trees it got pitch black and she
    wouldn’t have known the trail had she stumbled across it.
    Officer Hart, Sargent Marquez and of course tracker Figi, you guys were
    amazing. Roy Frates.

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