Second year White Pine Bobcat baseball head coach Quinn Ewell throws a pitch during one on one bunting practice. (Garrett Estrada photo)

Second year White Pine Bobcat baseball head coach Quinn Ewell throws a pitch during one on one bunting practice.
(Garrett Estrada photo)

It was only a year ago when the White Pine Bobcat baseball team traveled to Incline and lost a double header 13-3 and 16-9. When this year’s squad  traveled to Yerington to play in a preseason tournament on March 13, they stepped up to the plate against the Highlanders once again, only this time things went their way.

The Bobcats entered into the bottom of the ninth down 3-1. As the designated home team, they had one last chance at bat to take down an Incline team that lost only two player from last year’s squad. The difference this time was hitting.

The Bobcats loaded the bases and and won the game with a walk-off base hit to end it 4-3

“Facing what was basically the same team from last year, I was happy with the way our team came back and found their swing right at the end,” Bobcats Head Coach Quinn Ewell said.

The game served as more than just as a comparison for coaches though.

“We have a lot of guys on this year’s team that remember what they did to us last year so beating them served as a really good confidence boost this early into the season,” the coach added.

But just as team’s tend to do coming off of a big win, the Bobcat’s were reminded that they can never let their confidence turn into cockiness. The Bobcats lost 20-3 and 8-7 on the road against Alamo on Tuesday.

Assistant coach Nick Lopez said that his focus after the lopsided first loss was to make sure the game didn’t get into their heads.

“That is the kind of game that you just have to move on from. I hope the kids took it as a learning experience, but at the end of the day, it was a non-conference game and our focus is on winning in our conference.”

One of the ways the team is trying to do that is by having more fun in practice. Last year, during the team’s struggles, the coaches identified a lack of focus and energy as reccuring issues that plagued the team for week’s at a time. Keeping the team morale higher at the energy up has already changed that momentum in their favor.

“Quinn and I talked before the season about just having more fun in practice and at games. It’s kept the kids in a good mood and it helps clear their mind when they step up to the plate,” Lopez said.

The Bobcats will hope to get back on track this weekend with their first home game of the season against Agassi Prep on Friday. The first game of the double-header will start at 1 p.m. with the second planned to start at 3 p.m.

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