New Beauty Bar offers high quality service, products

The Beauty Bar staff from left to right: Kanisha Taylor, Jenny Dawson, owner Bonnie Noel and Bobbi Barela.  (Garrett Estrada photo)

The Beauty Bar staff from left to right: Kanisha Taylor, Jenny Dawson, owner Bonnie Noel and Bobbi Barela.
(Garrett Estrada photo)

Take one step into the latest beauty salon in Ely and it’s easy to see that owner Bonnie Noel made a lot of changes to the space. Located at 301 Aultman Street, The Beauty Bar boasts a bright pink and black aesthetic that is indicative of Noel’s colorful style.

The owner said that she wanted to create a place for men and women to go in Ely that offered the type of high quality service and products that locals had to travel out of town to get before.

“I just wanted something different in Ely. I’ve worked in a lot of salon’s before so when it came time to open my own, I knew what I wanted to change,” Noel said.

One of those “changes” includes offering every client a complimentary relaxation treatment before their appoinment starts.

“Each time a customer comes in they will receive a stress relieving ritual, which could be a scalp massage, hand massage or a shoulder and neck massage. We provide them with treats and drinks while they wait and then touch-up makeup when they leave. The goal is to give them an experience that they would otherwise have to leave town for,” Noel continued.

That type of treatment means that Noel’s prices aren’t the cheapest in town, but the salon owner hopes that her years of experience and education in hair styles will earn customer loyalty without costing them too much.

“The goal has always been about quality. High quality service, high quality products at an affordable price,” she said.

The Beauty Bar offers a variety of salon services including hair and nail treatments as well as touch-ups makeup, waxing and eyelashes. While The Beauty Bar isn’t the only option to get their hair done, it is the only place in town that uses Aveda products exclusively. To Noel, it’s one more way her salon is setting themselves apart from the pack.

“I am certified in Aveda and other products but Aveda was the one I always would come back to. To me, the difference was like eating junk food versus eating healthy,” she said. “Plus by being exclusive to Aveda, it means that all of our products are over 96 percent organic and natural so we feel good about using them too.”

To set up an appointment at The Beauty Bar, call 775-293-1874 or make an appointment online at

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