‘Last’ big meth dealer sentenced to prison time

The self proclaimed “last” big methamphetamine dealer in White Pine County will be serving between three to 12 years in prison after receiving her sentence inside the White Pine Courthouse on Monday. Krisse “Herline” Thompson was deemed a “danger to public safety” after she was found selling the controlled substance across the street from David E. Norman Elementary School.

In regard to Thompson’s sentence, District Attorney Mike Wheable said that this proves that “White Pine County is not a place you want to sell drugs.”

According to Angie Gianoli, the prosecutor on the case, Thompson said that when she was arrested that she was the “last” of the major meth dealers in the community. Gianoli said that the back to back prison sentences is a big step towards getting the drug off of the street and she said major credit should be given to the Nevada Division of Investigation (NDI) for the continued work they have done to catch dealers.

“NDI has done a wonderful job,” Gianoli said, “but we know there is still work to be done.”

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  1. Is anyone really surprised? She had the best teachers, her parents!!

  2. That girl never had a chance. Both her parents led her down this path. I hope they are proud !!!

  3. The last big meth dealer??? That’s funny…meth won’t stop. To much profit. Cartels have already been using the mountains in white pine county for weed. Meth now comes from Mexican cartels and people in Ely love meth.

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