One win from title

Win against Needles would bring title home

Robert Switzer photo Cole Burdick makes a player miss during White Pine’s 38-12 win over Lake Mead on Friday.

Robert Switzer photo
Cole Burdick makes a player miss during White Pine’s 38-12 win over Lake Mead on Friday.

When White Pine High School Bobcats football head coach Quinn Ewell walked off the field against Agassi Prep on Oct. 9, he felt like his team didn’t attack the game with the will to win. In the week of practice following the 40-12 loss, he made sure that wasn’t about to become a trend.

“We talked a lot this past week about having heart and wanting to win. We have to go out on the field and compete each week, and in the game against Lake Mead, I saw that desire to win again through the way they played,” Ewell said.

The Bobcats showed both the coach and the home crowd at the WPHS field that they still have what it takes to win games when their heart is into it, winning 38-12.

“The game went really well. It was good to see us playing to our full potential,” the coach added.

Wide receiver Cody Bennett had a standout performance in a game where players on both the offense and defense all had games. Bennett finished with the most receiving yards of any player on the field Friday night and one touchdown. Ewell said that Bennett’s size and athleticism has opened up the Bobcat’s passing attack this year, as the coaching staff feels confident to “throw one up” every now and then and see if he can turn it into a big gain.

The Bobcats (5-2) will need some big plays against a tough Needles team for their final game of the regular season on Oct. 29 at 7 p.m. Due to their a forfeiture from Calvary Chapel for this weekend’s game, a win against Needles would secure the Bobcats a number one seed heading into the playoffs and bring home the team’s first division title in over a decade.

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  1. Stat note: Bobcats won the division title in 2011 with an undefeated record.
    Great job this dragon Cats. Keep it going.

  2. Matt Hibbs says:

    The WPHS Bobcats won the Division in 2011 (4 years ago). They were undefeated (11-0) going into the State Championship game. It wasn’t that long ago. You should have done your homework before going to print.

  3. Stacy RIce says:

    I feel a correction is in order, those kids in 2011 deserve their recognition.

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