Prison workers assist volleyball fundraiser

Photo special to the Times

Ely State Prison workers organized a car wash for the high school volleyball team at the prison parking lot, last Thursday. Prison officials pre-sold tickets to all of their employees and staff, and had a few employees bringing cars to the girls as fast as they could wash them. The volleyball team washed over 50 cars and made over $600. The team would like to thank Warden Renee Baker, Tammy Moore, Mike Romero, and the other staff members that helped facilitate the car wash and all who supported the high school volleyball team. “It is so great to see people in our community stepping up to support our youth and helping to raise money for our sports programs,” said volleyball coach Kenna Almberg. “Thank you.”carwash

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  1. San Christine says:

    Wish the photos posted in articles were larger. Difficult to view these small photos. A picture tells the story also…and good pictures make the article pop.

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