Captain’s Corner

Submitted by Captain Scott Henriod WPCSO

One of the questions that I frequently get asked by the public is how busy is the Sheriff’s Office. My response is that we seem to stay pretty busy. I thought I would share with the public our statistics for 2016.

The Sheriff’s Office responded to 16,406 calls for service, performed 3,273 traffic stops, wrote 1,228 citations, and made 418 arrests.

Without going into every call for service here are some of the calls the Sheriff’s Office received. 48 fight calls, 176 domestic disturbances, 95 non injury accidents, 38 injury accidents, 5 fatal accidents, 79 property damage accidents, 189 alarm calls, 6 coroner calls, 38 burglary calls, 21 battery / assault calls, 25 child abuse calls, 63 disturbances, 46 drug related calls, 46 DUI calls, 10 suicide calls, 27 stolen vehicle calls, 15 missing person calls, 303 problem with subject calls, 14 sexual assault calls, 173 theft calls, 16 unattended death calls, 36 truancy calls, and 67 vandalism calls.

These are just a few of the calls that the Office received in 2016. The Deputies that serve the citizens of White Pine County are busy, but they are dedicated in providing the best law enforcement available to the citizens.

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  1. Brendon Martinez says:

    So where is the blotter?

  2. This IS interesting, and I am finding the info and outreach to be a great addition – thanks goes to our good Captain (and Deputies). Still, I would also like to see the blotter (always).

    • Ely resident says:

      Good captain? You have to be kidding me? He sits behind his desk and does what? Well I’m not sure. You can call and call and he will not return any phone calls.

  3. You can find the blotter on Facebook on KDSS’s page. Then you don’t have to wait a week.

  4. Barry McCaughenour says:

    My following remarks my sound harsh but it is only because I care about the inhabitants of White Pine County: Just like a politician. All gas and no substance. For example: Mr. Henroid gives no context for his yarn. If Captain Henroid earnestly cared about the eroding reputation of the White Pine County Sheriff he would cite to examples of how the Sheriff and his deputies actually helped someone. Everyone I have ever talked with in Ely only have stories on how the cruel and violent deputies have destroyed their lives. The general consensus is that most, if not all, deputies are violent, lying thugs. Have any of you Ely-ites ever asked yourselves why deputies can never be found eating out in Ely? Answer: All of the cooks and waitresses have either had their lives destroyed by Ely’s “finest”, or that of a family member, and the deputies are afraid of eating “tainted” food, if you know what I mean. The reason Captain Henroid doesn’t want to “go into every call for service” is because his deputies are too lazy or afraid to go on a call or never rendered any service at all. Everyone I know who calls, and manages to get through,are only told why there will be no answer to their call. If Captain Henroid (and Sheriff Watts) truly wanted to “serve” the public they should start with these items: (1) Get rid of the deputies who are sleeping with other men’s wives; (2) Enforce the spirit of the law instead of the letter, like decent peace officers did in the old days; (3) Come up with and publish plausible reasons why Dan Watts is still the Sheriff when he abandon his post some time ago. And, why should the citizens of Ely and White Pine County pay a slug like Watts who has already moved to Las Vegas, if rumors serve; and (4) Provide an actual service such as giving drunks a free anonymous ride home. Mineral County deputies have been providing this type of service for years in Hawthorne. White Pine Deputies would rather destroy peoples lives for something the deputies do themselves but never get prosecuted for it. They always cover for each other and have no qualms in destroying people and their families for the sake of stealing their money in the form of fines only to selfishly advance their careers.

    White Pine County will never be a safe or nice place to live until you get the criminal element out from behind their badges and take their guns away. The minute you see the White Pine County Sheriff and his deputies (a rapacious gang of thugs) getting successfully prosecuted for their lies, reckless violence, crimes and false accusations is when you can start dreaming of a time when Ely will be nice and safe again. Until then, keep looking over your shoulder for the thieves with the red and blue lights and tin badges laying in wait to destroy your life.

    My advice to the inhabitants of White Pine County is: Stop calling on these idiot thug deputies for help. Stop throwing your neighbor to these hyenas. Stop, as a jury member, convicting your neighbor for victim-less crimes and stop helping the Sheriff’s thugs ruin people’s lives and families. Above all treat each other with respect. If you stop paying these thugs you will stop the ruination of your neighbor and yourselves and the deputies will have to go get real jobs that enhance the quality of life for everyone instead of ruining the community.

    • Ely resident says:

      You said that absolutely perfect. Could no agree more. Thank you thank you

    • Gee, Barry – you might have something there, but just curious – what particular victim-less crime conviction got your particular attention? Just asking.

    • Brenda Decaprio says:

      Wow who pissed in your wheaties Barry? Sounds a little dramatic. Thugs??? If you don’t like the way things are in Ely you have a few choices . Run for an office so you can try and make a difference. Take the time and actually speak with the very people you are bad mouthing , the sheriff’s department. Or you could actually move to a place that will make you happy, as it sounds like you are a very miserable person living there. You may find the grass is greener…or not !!

      • Brenda you need to open your eyes. Barry is right at so many levels. Maybe if you knew half about what goes on in this town, then you would have a different opinion. If you have a concern you can’t call the sheriff because he will not take calls or bother to call you back. This happened recently. Got pulled over by a highway patrol in town because he thought I was in my cell phone. Mr Barney asked me 3 times where I was headed. Now come on why is it any of his buisness. They all do what they want around here

        • Wheeler says:

          Funny thing about authority figures – they usually expect an answer to their questions. Courteous cooperation is usually recommended, helps the one on the job get to the point of things.

          Sounds like authority might be an issue for you. Maybe you should look into that? Or is all out anarchy more your preference? Sorry, civilized society doesn’t work that way, so you might want to pick and choose your battles.

          (Sounds like I’m talking to teenager, doesn’t it?)

          • My opinion says:

            Sounds like you are one of these cops that think they need to prove a point. No problem with authority at all. Actually authority can be a great thing. But they also don’t need to be all up in your buisness. Once again thinking they need to prove something that they can do whatever they want. It’s actually none of there buisness. So wheeler you just wait, one day you will also see what goes on around this town.

  5. Concerned citizen says:

    Barry your absolutely right on I’m a life long resident and I’ve been thru the system here and I know what they do and was to afraid to speak up a few times I deserve what I got but mostly not and they can be ruthless I’ve been put in jail for thing I have not done and paid dearly when they have your number they they always have it it’s not serve and protect it’s harass and arrest they and there families don’t have to obey the same laws we do there still pulling me over asking questions they have no business asking and wanting to search car for no reason I’m sick of it it’s to bad that good cops are getting shot because of the bad ones yeah we need law and order but you people that haven’t been in that position don’t know what it’s like God forbid if u don’t have the money to get a lawyer from out of town because you can’t trust them either

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