Idaho fugitives arrested near Pioche

Two suspects, a man and woman, both wearing handcuffs, were arrested about five miles north of Pioche Monday morning. The arrests came after a high speed chase heading south on U.S. 93.

Sheriff Kerry Lee reported his office received a call about 9:30 a.m., that a man and woman, stopped in White Pine County Sunday night on suspicion of a stolen vehicle and possession of methamphetamines, had managed to escape, even though both were handcuffed, and were now in Lincoln County.

Pedro James Canchola, 30, and Alssexandria Montgomery, 33, both from Idaho, had been stopped in their vehicle by White Pine County Sheriff’s deputies Sunday night. While being detained, with Canchola in a patrol car, Montgomery managed to get away from deputies and steal the patrol car. The couple then fled the scene heading south to Lincoln County.

Lee said the couple committed a burglary at a private residence in the north end of the county, which included “multiple firearms” and stole a second vehicle.

Continuing south, when they reached the Lake Valley Farms, north of Pioche Monday morning, they stopped and asked for assistance, but while still wearing handcuffs stole a third  vehicle, a Toyota pickup, from the farm and again headed south.

After the Sheriff’s department was notified, Lee and others headed north on 93 and intercepted the Toyota about eight miles north of Pioche. “A high speed pursuit ensued for about three miles before the vehicle stopped on its own and the suspects surrendered without further incident,” he said. “I had ordered the Pioche Elementary and the County Courthouse to lock down because we thought the couple might try to drive into town. I also had officers blocking the entrances to surface streets in town.”

The suspects were taken into custody by deputies and NHP Troopers about 11 a.m. Lee said Canchola and Montgomery both have extensive criminal background histories in Idaho.

After being arrested, the couple were transported by Highway Patrol to the White Pine County Sheriff’s office in Ely.

Lee said multiple charges are pending against both in Lincoln and White Pine County. “Just in Lincoln County alone,” he said, “we have two counts of burglary, several counts of possession of stolen property, including a stolen vehicle, ex-felon in possession of firearms, evading and eluding, etc., and they will face similar charges, plus the drug charges, in White Pine County.”

Lee said, “It was intense situation with the pursuit and firearms involved, but everybody worked well together and it did not escalate too far. The highway was closed for a short time while the subjects were taken into custody and we lifted the lockdown on the courthouse and school after about 30 minutes.  It was a good day for all the agencies working together.”

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  1. Jon Lewis says:


    • Sara Warner says:

      This is what happens when drugs are involved. People cry out for help and the help isn’t available for them. Sad that it comes down to this for someone to get help. But unfortunately there is no rehabilitation in prison. It only makes criminals meaner and harder. So to succeed in society they should make lock down housing for these types of criminals to get help are rehabilitated back into society. It not like they killed someone. These two people need help, which goes deeper than both being incarcerated. A concern citizen worried about these kids and drugs.

  2. “Both have extensive criminal background histories in Idaho… committed a burglary at a private residence in the north end of the county, which included “multiple firearms.”

    Do these two ‘kids’ really look like they were crying out for help – or for other peoples things at gunpoint?

    ‘To succeed in society ‘ usually means the opposite of exactly this type of behavior. Looks like they failed repeatedly on purpose – to what extremes would you have society function in (repeated) service of the uncooperative and ethically/morally bankrupt?

    Another concerned citizen worried about the end results of hyper-sensitivity lacking necessary pragmatism in society.

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