Denny’s diner coming to Hotel Nevada soon

By KayLynn Roberts-McMurray

The Ely Times

Denny’s, America’s diner has officially announced they are coming to Ely.

The Cafe in the Hotel Nevada closed it’s doors last Thursday.

The entrance has been boarded up while Denny’s renovates the area so that they can open their doors in late April.

The new diner will have significant impact on the Ely community by welcoming Hotel Nevada employees aboard the Denny’s team.

Many of the locals are excited about Denny’s coming to Ely as well.  Geri Whopschall said “I think it is a great thing for Ely,  lots of people have expressed to me their excitement for a new restaurant here in this community”.

Denny’s is well known for providing its customers with tremendous value, including great deals like, $2 $4 $6 $8 Value Menu that lets guests choose from 16 dishes at affordable prices, including traditional favorites as well as several new a la carte items.

Kids eat free too. Guests can receive up to two free kids meals for children ages 10 and under with the purchase of each adult entrée.  Denny’s also has a “Fit Fare” option on their menu.  This option offers healthy choices like egg whites and hearty wheat breads.  Using the expansive Build your Own Grand Slam menu, diners have more than 250 ways to build a meal with 550 calories or less and 32 ways to build  a meal of 400 calories or less.

Celebrate your special day with a free original Original Grand Slam meal.

The Original Grand Slam offer is free to any guy or gal who can show proof that it’s their birthday.

AARP Members can benefit too. Save 15 percent off your total check when you show your AARP membership card.

The restaurant will be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

“We are excited to finally bring Denny’s to the heart of downtown Ely,” said Vince Eupierre, Denny’s franchisee.  “The community has been very supportive, and we look forward to finally unveiling our new location and welcoming guests into our booths”.

Denny’s is one of America’s largest full-service family restaurant chains, currently operating over 1,700 franchised restaurants across the United States as well as internationally.

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  1. Glen Saunders says:

    This is great news. I look forward to seeing Denny’s in July….

  2. Evan Jensen says:

    I admit I spent time in Denny”s in the “big city” at 2 a.m. after a night out. But I am sorry to loose another local establishment to the machine of industrial food. It is reliable, the same over and over, and over and over……, but we will soon be the same “big city establishment” and loose our local taste.Bit by bit we buy into the machine.Buy an egg, or half beef from your neighbor. Fresh, local, healthy, flavor!!!

  3. Donna Frederick says:

    I to, have eaten in a Denny’s in the “Big City” when traveling, but am sorry to see the unique ambiance of the cafe in the Hotel change. It was one of the places I loved to take out of town guests. We have many good, some great, eating establishments in Ely, I hop the big city chain coming to town will not affect them.

  4. Wheeler says:

    I suspect the recognition factor is expected to inspire confidence, interest, and sales. We used to have a Jerry’s. We used to have an Arctic Circle fast food restaurant. And a JC Penny’s, and a Western Auto, and a Safeway, and a Sprouse-Reitz , and more, and all at the same time. We could have had other things at one time later. All those things were owned/operated in their day by locals employing locals. Tradition and local flavor is great – and change is also at some point inevitable. Maybe we give the folks investing in this change (that won’t hurt anyone else and might add something) the benefit of the doubt and a chance.

  5. Sad Stuart says:

    I am very very sorry to hear about this. Eating at the Hotel Nevada and getting pizza there used to be the highlight of our trips through Ely on our way to central Nevada. I have zero interest in eating at a completely mediocre place like Dennys that I can find in every other large town in the U.S. Goodbye Hotel Nevada, you’ll never see me or my family again. Another small town cafe bites the dust.

  6. Ron M Hunter says:

    I can’t believe you had such a good thing with the old cafe….they even had real, not frozen (chicken fried steak) and now you put in (Denny’s) with its frozen chicken fried steak, thawed out to be reheated….yea, i am not pleased with this, for my wife and i loved the old cafe….so i guess since the new owner Gaughn, son of Jackie Gaughn bought the Hotel Nevada and he just couldn’t leave it alone….if something is not broken, don’t fix it. (unbelievable)..!!!!!!

  7. What a disaster…what a shame…Went there now in May and it’s freakin real, it’s a Denny’s!!!
    This old vintage cozy restaurant used to be our absolute favorite spot when visiting Ely.
    Perhaps anywhere in the US.
    Sorry to say this but we’re probably not coming back anymore for our regular breakfast or lunches…
    The historic Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall has been open since 1929.
    This is sad, very sad!

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