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Submitted by Captain Scott Henriod WPCSO

Over the last several months the Sheriff’s Office has been going through a transitional phase with employees.

Serval employees have retired and several others have chosen to take other employment with other law enforcement agencies. This has created several job openings in the Sheriff’s Office.

So one of the questions that I have been asked recently by individuals who are interested in law enforcement is what does it take to become a police officer.

First, Nevada Peace Officers Standards and Training set the requirements in the state of Nevada. The requirements state that you must be 21 years of age, have a high school diploma or an equivalent GED. Each agency that you are applying for will have its own entrance exam which you will need to pass with a minimum score.

You will also need to participate in an oral board interview. The applicant must also be able to pass a criminal history background check which includes a financial background along with employment and reference checks. You must be able to pass a physical agility test which includes a standing jump, sit-ups, pushups, agility run, 300 meter run, and a mile and a half run.

Each of those events are timed and also require a certain amount be performed. Each applicant must pass a physical which includes a physiological exam. Once they get past all these requirements they now can be considered for hire. Once they are hired they then go through a 16 week field training program with the Sheriff’s Office.

If they successfully complete that they then attend the police academy in Carson City Nevada for another 16 weeks. Upon successful graduation from the academy they then return to the Sheriff’s Office to finish a two week refresher on policy and procedures.

They are now ready to handle calls and patrol the White Pine County area on their own. It’s a lengthy process that takes place in order to become a police officer. It requires dedication and determination to succeed.

So as you see new faces in the Sheriff’s Office uniform welcome them to our community.

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  1. Barry N. McCaughenour says:

    In the spirit of “speaking my mind” as the heading of this thread suggests:

    I have questions for Deputy Henroid but they never seem to get answered. I have questions for Sheriff Watts but they never get answered either. Here they are:

    1. Why is Sheriff Watts never in his office?
    2. Where is Sheriff Watts? Does he even live in Ely anymore?
    3. Is Sheriff Watts collecting a paycheck and not having to work for it?
    4. Why would Deputies either take an early retirement or leave altogether from such an easy, low responsibility, high paying job? After all, all one has to do to keep his job is retain the ability to steam up a mirror.
    5. Who (name names) have left their jobs? And why? Is it a problem with accountability, inability, responsibility, honesty, integrity or credibility? Or all six?
    6. Are the inhabitants of White Pine County lucky enough that the quitters happen to involve, lying violent scum bags such as Deputies Deeds, Wilkin, and Sommervold?
    7. If not, why do Sheriff Watts and Deputy Henroid tolerate lying, violent thugs such as Deeds, Wilkin, and Sommervold?
    8. If Deeds, Wilkin, and Sommervold were fired for their violent, lying thuggery against the people of White Pine County why don’t Watts and Henroid just say so? If they are not fired, why not?
    9. It is no surprise the difficulty Deputy Henroid and Sheriff Watts must experience in trying to keep their ranks full when the thugs they hire, or keep on, bring such disrepute to the Sheriff and his office and are such an annoyance to the people?
    10. If Sheriff Watts or Deputy Henroid were decent, honest peace officers wouldn’t it stand to reason that they would arrest and prosecute the criminals in their own ranks for the crimes they commit against the people of White Pine County?
    11. But this never happens. Why?
    12. Why is it so difficult for Watts and Henroid to come clean about the incompetent deputy(s) who let a handcuffed female arrestee steal a patrol car, two other vehicles and broke into a cabin in Lincoln County steal some guns, and should also come clean about the fact that the entire Sheriff’s crew is too incompetent to apprehend her and that the Sheriff of Lincoln County and his men had to effect the arrest? Clearly, watching the White Pine County Sheriff’s deputies work is like watching a bunch of unemployed circus buffoons decorate a Volkswagon beetle while their circus tent burns down.

    If Sheriff Watts or Deputy Henroid had any honesty or integrity they would tell you the truth about the real qualification for being a “law inforcement officer” in Ely, which are:

    1. An applicant must divest himself of empathy toward his fellow man. (It is preferred if the applicant has no empathy to begin with.)
    2. Loyaly is a very important aspect of law inforcement. If a fellow officer commits crime (especially violent crime against an innocent citizen) the new hire is expected to destroy evidence, and tell any lie necessary to protect his fellow officers.
    3. Lying is an admirable quality, the usefullness of which cannot be underestimated. In fact the Supreme Court of the United States has officially sanctioned lying by officers as a legitimate tool. Therefore, as a newly hired officer, one is expected to take full advantage of lying to further the ends of the Sheriff which is civil forfieture, i.e. stealing from the public.
    4. A new hire must quickly develop the skill of framing certain people for crimes they did not commit, especially those who are viewed as political adversaries of the Sheriff or his friends.
    5. A new hire must demonstrate his callouness for people in need and make sure to destroy the reputation and financial stability of the person who calls for assistance.
    6. In time, a new hire must develop and demonstrate a propensity to create situations whereby they can exploit other men’s wives sexually and do it for sport and brag about it at the pre-shift squad room meetings.
    7. A new hire must get involved in the Sheriff’s program of gang-stalking and learn the art of “laying in wait” to exploit opportunities to destroy people’s lives.
    8. The new hire must be willing to, without guilt or conscience, brutilize the elderly.
    9. Callousness is so important that officers are not only expected to destroy individuals but are also required to destroy families.
    10. Peace Officers of today are required to constantly parade drugs, drug paraphernalia, sex, sex paraphernalia, and any other sort of vice in front of children under the guise of “educating them” but for the real purpose of creating the mindless criminals of the future in order to better secure the officers’ jobs and to justify their violent form of extortion or theft by pretending the officers or the county or city is a victim in an otherwise victimless crime.
    11. So when officers cripple people financially and in their reputation, destroy families, and destroy the minds of children, they create a perfect environment for a “justified oppression” of the people generally and simultaneously secure the financial future of fellow lying thugs (mindless order followers) and their masters.
    12. The new hire must understand that the vast majority of time will be spent fleecing the people for the thinnest of reasons. In fact each new hire is expected to lie on any citation or complaint if it brings to the county and state treasuries a few hundred bucks. The beauty in this is that the vast majority of the traveling public feel helpless against the violence and the lies perpetrated against them by “officers” and will just pay-up. This really is an extortion racket but the public has no idea it is happening to them.

    So, unless you are a vicious narcissistic psychopath who can lie, cheat and steal, and commit all sorts of brutality against your fellow man don’t bother applying. One of the Sheriff’s phychological screening techniques is to have a new hire participate in the sensless beating, pepper-macing, or the humiliating of an innocent person (man, woman or child), such as a cavity search, to see whether you, the applicant, are sufficiently cruel and devoid of even a shred of empathy which would qualify you for the job. This technique has the added benefit of compromising the new-hire (because it is all video taped) to a degree that will ensure his “cooperation” when it comes time to protect his fellow officers from the prosecution of their crimes. It is also easy to see that when a human-being is humiliated by a video taped cavity search that person will never speak of his/her victimization either, so a new hire should never fear getting caught or punished for the criminal brutality he perpetrates against innocent people.

    Mr. Henroid, isn’t that the real truth of the real qualifications necessary to be a White Pine County Sheriff’s Deputy? Don’t you and your thugs look down upon the rest of us as nothing more than walking piles of garbage? Then, to add insult to injury, you whine about how dangerous your job is. What a joke you are. Statistics point to the fact that an officer’s job ranks about 25th, and below that of grounds keepers and farmers, in the ranking of dangerous jobs. In fact, the formost causes of death and injury to cops are suicide (those who have a conscience) and patrol car crashes, respectively.

    My last question: If just a tenth of what I just described is true why would any sensible person living in White Pine County welcome any of your thugs to live with us?

    If you, as a reader of this post, have any doubts about the truth of what I am saying e-mail me and I will direct you to cases, and people, who will tell their stories of the brutality, lying, incompetent, narcissistic, psychopathic thugs called Deputies. Many of these cases are recorded in perpetuity in Court Clerks’ Offices in White Pine County waiting for you to read. Also, I am confident that all who read this and have been victims of the wiles of these thugs know exactly what I am talking about. The truth is: Cops have no interest in your well-being. Their job is to exploit you for profit! The more chaos they create the more they are able to exploit you. A cop’s real and only job is to keep their masters (read: judges, prosecutors, politicians, and bureaucrats) rolling in money stolen through violence inflicted on innocent people.

    • Les Robison says:

      Barry, (if that is indeed your real name which is questionable) please provide some specifics about your encounter with these deputies that resulted in any injustice to you. A docket number, or case number something other than your own subjective view of local law enforcement. Basically what I read in your comment is that you appear to have had some negative contact with these officers, and you were wronged. You provide no specifics, no dates, nothing to verify any of your claims. In fact I believe that in social media circles you would be labeled a troll were it not for the fact that you bring allegations against public officials. So I challenge you to follow the rules of due process yourself and please share some more details that support your defaming remarks about these these deputies.

  2. Barry rocks says:

    Barry you nailed it. I could not agree with you more. Actually I wish I knew you and we could talk and talk about what is happening in this town. Thank you

  3. “Cops have no interest in your well-being… A cop’s real and only job is to keep their masters rolling in money stolen through violence inflicted on innocent people.”

    Well, Barry, you finally got to it. Even if what you have (now repeatedly) said is true – your final statement sadly demonstrates a general prejudice against ALL law enforcement in general. That, in turn, characterizes the previous statements as, for whatever reason, generally and subjectively bigoted. Doesn’t help your argument. This is not an attack – it’s just friendly advice for the next time: less is more, unless you want to reveal too much. Doesn’t help your case. And sometimes disqualifies your opinion.

    Yeah, I get it – you meant every word. Well, as it happens, deep prejudice is a level of subjectivity that questions the legitimacy of both the author and his statements. Because it is inherently unfair. And because damning every cop on the face of the earth makes you sound more like a raving anarchist, than a rational victim. FYI, your rant is longer than the article. Maybe there is a more effective way to create (positive?) change than publicly spewing to this broad of an extent every week? Just asking what you’ve done lately beyond complain repeatedly?

    (That’s a rhetorical question, no need to answer.)

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