Public gets sneak peak at potential new courthouse

By KayLynn Roberts-McMurray

The Ely Times

The County Commission held a special meeting last Wednesday to give the public a presentation on the proposed secure courthouse facility and jail. Several handouts were given out that provided a conceptual plan with the jail expansion connected to the public safety building.

District Attorney Mike Wheable gave a presentation to the public on the history of the courthouse, the funding that the county has requested over several years,and the request for funding that was sent to the Legislature before it began in February of this year.

Wheable brought in a volunteer, dressed as an Inmate, shackled and escorted in to provide the public with a scenario of how close an Inmate is to the jurors in the jury box. With less than one foot away from the jury box, this puts the jury as well as the public in general in a high security risk.

Wheable said “A high security inmate whose already serving a life sentence, what does he have to lose? And lets talk about what’s going on, outside of the courthouse? You have recess for the middle school kids at the park, mothers and fathers taking their kids to the library and senior citizens meeting up to have lunch at the Senior Center, while here’s a full CERT team armed with assault rifles andshotguns, on the perimeter of the building, on the back steps, and on the roof, These two circles are overlapping”,

The White Pine County Commission is still waiting for approval from the Legislature. Assembly Bill 40 that is being sponsored by the Nevada Supreme Court where they are requesting ten million dollars to assist with the construction of the facility. .

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  1. Glen Saunders says:

    Makes a person wonder why the citizens of White Pine County need a new courthouse to try inmates that come from all over the state and are already housed in what the experts call a state of the art prison facilitiy. Why don’t you have a courtroom at the prison? You don’t need a 10 million dollar courthouse, you need someone with 10 cents worth of brains……

  2. Wheeler says:

    A courthouse at the prison might appear a bit… asymmetrical? Skewed? But thanks for an amusing image. One thing is for one purpose, one thing is for another related purpose. This is why we don’t just shove all the meat in with the ice cream at the grocery store – or all the politicians into one big building in Washington (predictable jokes may now follow at will…)?

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