Council adds new members

By KayLynn Roberts-McMurray

Two new Ely City Council members were voted in on Tuesday evening. Ernie Flangas who won with 329 votes ran against Rick Stork. Flangas will be replacing Bruce Setterstrom on Seat 1. Tony DeFelice who won with 373 votes ran against George Chachas. DeFelice will be replacing Pat Robinson on Seat 3. Voter turnout was low with 2,352 registered voters, and only 24 percent voting. They will both be sworn in on June 22 .

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  1. Why were the number of opposing votes not mentioned for either seat? I would like to know how close both seats were. I heard several complaints around town, mostly from the elderly, but all regarding their lack of receipt of their pre-registered Absentee Ballots. This is why I decided to look up the election results just now. And, upon reading this news article, I see a discussion of only a 24% registered voter turnout for this election! So, I am left asking… 1) Was this truly the situation – only 24% decided to vote? 2) Was this a heinous act of misconduct or negligence? 3) or Could it be a possible unfortunate clerical error of not getting the Absentee Ballots mailed out properly for the ‘Second Vote.’ I had to call twice before my husband and I finally received our ballots by mail and ours are normally mailed out automatically. Or 4) some other unexplained situation still yet to be identified….

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