Rash of car accidents in White Pine County


Courtesy photo/KEN BRYANT
A four-car pileup on July 12 resulted in a motorhome being sandwiched between two tractor trailers.

Two separate accidents that occurred in one week, resulted in one fatality, and one with severe injuries.

On Wednesday, July 12, a four car pile up resulted in a motorhome being sandwiched in between two tractor trailer vehicles. One person suffered severe injuries, but no fatalities were reported.

Three days later on Saturday, July 15, another four car accident resulted in the death of a motorist. The victim’s name has not been released to media at this time.

The victim had stepped outside of her vehicle while there were several vehicles stopped for road construction while waiting for a pilot car.

A vehicle had been stopped behind her vehicle, and another vehicle wrecked into the stopped vehicles wedging her in between both vehicles. The victim succumbed to injuries. Both accidents were due to driver inattention.

With recent events Nevada Highway Patrol has stepped up enforcement in that zone, particularly the construction area. Tickets are being issued for violation of marked signs, not following the speed limit, or the posted speed limit in a construction zone. A zero tolerance approach is being highly enforced.

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  1. Doug King says:

    Distracted driving should be an offense and strongly enforced in every state. People on cell phones or texting should be fined a lot not just a slap on the wrist !

  2. Csprite says:

    Why did it take you TWO weeks to report this??

    • Just Another says:

      Because they’re the Ely *some* Times and if the news isn’t reported before Wednesday morning it doesn’t get printed until the following Friday.

  3. Jim Hoagland says:

    So, Where did these accidents happen?

  4. The woman that passed away was my Aunt… We live in Evansville In. And was trying to find anything about the accident with no results. . Until now.. why does it take so long to report.. and was the driver that hit her was he/she hurt?

  5. See that RV.. my mom was in that rv. She was in the hospital for three months. Miracle by god, but she is alive and healing well.

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