Jeff Davis Peak may be renamed in Great Basin National Park

Associated Press

RENO—A remote mountain peak in Nevada’s Great Basin National Park is getting more attention since deadly race-based violence in Virginia last month sparked new calls for removal of Confederate monuments.

The state Board of Geographic Names is reviewing a pair of proposals to re-designate the peak named after Confederate leader Jefferson Davis.

A federal panel with the final say already is researching one proposing to instead honor Robert Smalls – an escaped slave from South Carolina who fought for the Union army and served in Congress.

The second idea submitted to the state board anonymously doesn’t formally propose a replacement name for Jeff Davis Peak.

Executive secretary Christine Johnson says it suggests a variety of alternatives including late Las Vegas civil rights James McMillan and several Western Shoshone phrases. She says the board will discuss the ideas Sept. 19.

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  1. Glen Saunders says:

    “The board”, will discuss the removal of American history. “The board”, will discuss based on the politically correct, liberal minded, fear mongering, race baiting minority of America’s trash population. No American’s will be allowed to debate or interact with, “the board”. Exactly what is this board? Who formed it and for what reason? State Board of Geographic Names? What a crock. That’s an insult to the citizens of this great state. Why are you falling into the pit of racism? Why are you?

  2. Sharon Mathias says:

    What a bunch of political correctness!! You cannot change the past or erase history. Is this the Soviet Union? Looks like mob rule has taken over the country! Leave the name as it presently is.

  3. Larry Dunton says:

    I favor the native american names. They were here first and have gotten as much grief as the African Americans. Our country has repeatedly taken away the history of this group. Give something back.

  4. Charles Basso says:

    I soooo sick of this political correctness. History is History. We don’t need it named after any
    activist, especially from LV. If the name has to be changed ask the native americans for names.

  5. Craig L. Wood says:

    Name it after Cesar Chavez.

  6. Name it after Ronald Reagan.

  7. I support renaming it “Biggie Smalls Peak.”

  8. I support the Board’s proposal to rename it “Biggie Smalls Peak,” in honor of the nationally renowned artist from Brooklyn who tragically lost his life at age 24.

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