Air Race committee needed

The White Pine County Airport Advisory and White Pine County Tourism and Recreation Boards are hosting an open public forum to develop an Ely Air Race committee.  The organizational open forum is scheduled for Thursday, October 12th at 7 p.m. in the Bristlecone Convention Center.  The two boards are looking for public input on suggestions and volunteers for this planned 6 day high flying event.   The date is June 11-16, 2018 right here at our  local airport.

We encourage local service clubs to participate with fund raising opportunities during this event.

Currently the event will have bi planes and formula 1 planes. We anticipate adding hot air balloons as an added attraction.  We invite other events and activities to take place in conjunction with this event.

Over the six days pilots will be flying around pylons at 150 ft off the runway at speeds from 150 to 325 mph. having test runs and other tests of their skills. All those interested and curious are encouraged to attend.

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  1. Tom Arledge says:

    That is Fantastic news on the Air Races coming to Ely, Please keep us informed. Is it for sure coming on those dates?
    June 11-16, 2018?

    • Betty Sherman says:

      Great idea. Would like more information. Willing to help.
      Betty Sherman, Treasurer
      National Air-racing Group (NAG)

  2. John A. D'Alessandris says:

    Ely Air Racing,
    Great idea, count me in!
    Let me know how I can help.
    John A. D’Alessandris
    Reno, NV

  3. Emil Michael Merusi says:

    happy to help in any way!!

  4. Rob Caster says:

    Very insterested and happy to help!

  5. Charlene Aro,Director, National Air-racing Group says:

    The date quoted might conflict with Pylon Racing School at Stead Field.

  6. Maxine Carlin says:

    I’ll be happy to help out!
    MaxineCarlin pylon judge NCAR

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