Great weekend for Rodeo Club

The Rodeo Club worked really hard to put on their yearly event on Saturday, September 23rd and Sunday, September 24th.

This weekend they will be traveling to Elko for the Rodeo.

Listed below are all of the members of the White Pine Rodeo Clubs average scores for different events.

Barrel Racing (name & average score)

Shay Heckethorn 41.603

Maggie Wines 43.497

Odgers, Catherine 43.922

Adamoli, Kelsey 48.957

Keppner, Khloe, 50.908

Green, Teanna, 43.967

Breakaway Roping

Green, Teanna 103.960

Wines, Maggie 200.00

Odgers, Catherine 200.00

Keppner, Khloe 200.00

Goat Tying

Wines, Maggie 25.430

Pole Bending

Heckethorn, Shay 46.671

Green, Teanna 52.218

Wines, Maggie 48.465

Kepnner, Khloe 56.594

Adamoli, Kelsey 53.443

Wurtz, Noelle 53.336

Osburn, Teagan 132.859

Odgers, Catherine 60.688

Rifle Shoot

Whipple, Tyler โ€“ 273

Wines, Maggie โ€“ 35

Odgers, Catherine 79

Carson, Tyler โ€“ 111

Steer Wrestling

Green, Chace 200

Team Roping

Green, Chace 200

Trap Shooting

Whipple, Tyler 72

Harris, Colton 64

Carson, Tyler 20

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