BBM Reclamation Award mine site reclamation and mule deer migration corridor

The Nevada Excellence in Mine Reclamation Awards are meant to recognize mine sites who exhibit excellent mitigation of the environmental impacts from the mineral industry.

These reclamation awards are handed out by an Awards Committee comprised of 5 different regulatory agencies including the U.S. Forest Service, Nevada Department of Wildlife, Nevada Division of Minerals, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

In early August 2017 the Nevada Department of Wildlife nominated Bald Mountain for one these awards. The Awards Committee toured the site on August 29th to evaluate the reclamation work completed at the site and on September 1st the Awards Committee notified Bald Mountain that the site would be receiving an award which encompassed two categories Concurrent Reclamation, as well as Wildlife Habitat Restoration.

The reasons that the Awards Committee selected Bald Mountain was due to the following:

“Kinross performed approximately 1,100 acres of concurrent reclamation from 2014 through 2016 at the Bald Mountain Mine. The primary motivating factor for this work was to reduce disturbance within, and adjacent to, the designated Area 10 mule deer migration corridor at the mine. Kinross collaborated with BLM and NDOW implementing various adaptive management options so that on-going mule deer movement may occur through the project during mine activities.

Ninety percent of the concurrently reclaimed areas have been seeded with approved mixtures and show significant vegetation during the past year. Kinross also funds a mule deer monitoring program that includes the collaring and real-time tracking of mule deer throughout the mine area.

Annual monitoring data is collected and reviewed by a Wildlife Working Group at the end of each migration season to assess the effectiveness of the program.

The nomination was submitted by the Nevada Department of Wildlife.” – Awards Committee

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  1. powwowgirl says:

    I have seriously hunted and hiked he rubies since 1985 and have seen the quality and number decline since then. during migration it was easy to see groups of twenty or so deer moving along the foothills in spring and fall, but no any more. the mine is and will continue to block and destroy habitat until they are done, which is an 80 year lease. There have been several meetings about the importance of the overland pass habitat that burnt last year. The money was there for years to make fire breaks and fight invasive species and never used. WHY? Now the trees and sage the deer used as cover and food for the migration is gone, just another nail in their coffin. Now there is a huge dead area for deer to migrate through with no water, food or trees for cover during winter. The hall roads and blasting does not help either. Right now there is a huge dead area that reaches from overland road to buck mountain of the mine, bald mountain fire another mining reclamation hall roads and the overland fire. Currently more trees are being chained down for Sage Grouse habitat., because raptors and ravens kill sage hen from trees. the fact is mines take a lot of water and trees are in direct competition for this resourse. So RIP the largest herd of migrating deer and congratulations Canadian mining.

    • On the flip side, around 1994 I was dismayed to encounter deer approaching casual campers at Wheeler Peak (fairly dossal and expecting to be fed like pigeons) now apparently an ‘accidental’ year round petting zoo (?) due to the park going from state to federal and extending the footprint, I am imagining.

      The (inconvenient) fact is that mining is a necessary component of any technological or industrial society – but I welcome you to (completely) grow that BMW you might be driving (and anything else that cannot be grown that you rely on). And I recommend that you factor that into your world view as you condemn an industry (with a broad brush) that you actually cannot live without, like it or not. Because things have to be made from things in order for you to have nice and necessary things. Short of that, RIP logic and reason and congratulations hypocrisy.

      P.S. – Hunting Gear: Mining; Hiking Gear: Mining; Vehicle to get to the trail: (wait for it) Mining; Food for the trip: lots of Mining (think about it) ; the nails and chains you are referring to: Mining; the ability to get water from one place to another: Mining; just about everything that went into the computer you are using to complain about Mining: Mining…

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