PETA comes forward to help euthanasia plan

Lots of attention was brought to an article that was published two weeks ago when we reported that White Pine’s animal shelter is the only county that still uses the gas chamber.

Several citizens were frustrated, and began taking action. A petition via was created by DeLinda McKinney to end the gas chamber here in Ely. This petition has reached several people in White Pine, but as well as outside of Nevada, with over 3,800 signatures so far.

At last week’s Ely City Council meeting, Administrator Bob Switzer noted that PETA reached out to the City of Ely to offer their assistance with the issue of the way animals were being euthanized at the local shelter.

PETA is willing to offer the funding for the lethal injection by a licensed veterinarian for the euthanasia of animals.

It’s in the beginning stages, and there are several items that need to be coordinated, but the city is moving forward to work with PETA.

McKinney was reached for comment and said, “A lot of these things are happening because of the petition, I have heard from people that don’t even live here, people from all over the country have been in touch with me.”

McKinney also noted there have been several people behind the scenes who have been helping move this whole process forward.

“I am all for getting the shelter adjusted to a more humane means of euthanasia, I think we need to take advantage of the support we are receiving to assist us,” City Councilman Tony DeFelice said.

The animal shelter has a new full time animal control officer who is currently in training on the job while learning his duties and responsibilities.

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  1. Being gassed to death is a terrifying, slow, and painful way to die. Animals who end up in shelters have already suffered abandonment, homelessness, or sometimes abuse. The very least they deserve is a painless end, if they are suffering beyond hope or no homes are available.

  2. Darla Harmon says:

    We need to open a no kill shelter here in Ely. Anyone interested in investing in one? And then we can stop gassing these poor animals.

  3. Margaret G Flint says:

    I’m all for “No Kill” and if animals must be euthanized I’m all for the most humane method possible. But, considering the “fact” that PETA is the biggest promoter of euthanasia, I wonder what sort of deal they’ve made with ELY for this?

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