Vietnam exhibit at the musuem

Courtesy photo

White Pine Public Museum is pleased to announce a photography display on loan from Steven Burchik who was a forward observer and photographer during 1968-1969 in Vietnam. Described as “personal and emotional glimpses of the everyday life of the average American soldier and Vietnamese villagers”, it is something you will not want to miss. Themes are River Boats, Patrols, Children, Villagers, USO and Saigon, and Helicopters. It is suitable for all ages and after viewing this collection, you will feel a sense of patriotism and gratitude for our military and the service they render around the world. 

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  1. Gene Townsend says:

    We are making progress. When I served in the Air Force during the Vietnam era, people spit on me when I was in uniform. Now, I wear my ‘Retired Air Force’ hat, and people come up to me, thanking me for my service.

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