Teacher of the Month

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Mrs. Tami Bybee is our December Teacher of the Month at Learning Bridge! Not only is she organized and well planned for her 4th grade class, but she also put together and taught the Health curriculum for our Middle School Students.  She continually goes above and beyond, raising the bar for her students. Thank you Mrs. Bybee!

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  1. Martha Thompson says:

    What can be said for Tami? She is a sweetheart, friendly, compassionate, was a good student of ours in EMT classes, was an excellent 4th Grade teacher to my Grandson, Kyler Thompson, and prepared him for a transition in to his new school last year. She shows love for her students, therefore, they do well in her class just to please her. Congrats, Tami: you deserve the honor and I’d like to see all teachers get as much pay and stipends as the school system can possibly give. I miss seeing you. Martha

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