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Nevada should impose work requirements for Medicaid enrollees

Even though Congress could not find a way to repeal the budget-busting, economy-distorting Affordable Care Act, affectionately known as ObamaCare, there are still a few things the states can do to ameliorate its impact. Chief among these, … [Read more...]

Local kids third in Utah event

Special to The Ely Times Last weekend, the Elyte All Start Cheer Team competed in their first competition at the Rocky Mountain UCA Championship in Sandy, Utah. The girls competed against five other teams in the Junior Level 2 division bringing … [Read more...]

White Pine boys still have a chance for playoffs

The White Pine High boys basketball team slipped a little further to being out of the running for one of the six spots in the 2A Northern league tournament coming up next month, but not entirely according to Coach Terrill Trask. He had told the boys … [Read more...]

Law enforcement theme of appreciation dinner

  Last Friday, the Elks Lodge held a very special event to honor local law enforcement with a Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner. Even the huge snow storm didn’t deter the 60 guests who showed up to show their appreciation for the … [Read more...]

Developing opportunities

Courtesy photo Robinson Mine recently welcomed White Pine County School District representatives to the mine to discuss developing future opportunities between the two groups.  Pictured are Fred Sanders, Mine Manager; Amanda Hilton, Interim … [Read more...]

State cry foul over California egg law

Californians want chickens to be able to stretch their wings, no matter how much it stretches the cost of eggs. Back in 2008 those animal-loving folks to the west of Nevada approved a ballot initiative that required the size of cages for … [Read more...]

Ladycats edging closer toward playoffs

  The White Pine High girls basketball team is rolling along toward a season like they have not had in recent memory, a perfect regular season record. At present, the girls are 18-0 on the season. The previous best for the team was … [Read more...]

Elections, budgets fill packed agenda

The Ely City Council meets this Thursday with a six-page agenda. Many items to be covered vary from water and sewer rate changes, landfill rates, changing the days of city council meetings to 8:30 a.m. Fridays and the continuous topic of the city … [Read more...]

Derby cancelled

The Ely Times The 2018 Rotary Cub Fishing derby has been cancelled due to safety concerns. The current ice thickness can not support the total number of anticipated fishermen. This event brings approximately 700 fisherman and women to the … [Read more...]

Is This You?

One Way Streets    I have an aversion to one way streets. Is there a real reason for them? It just feels wrong on so many levels to drive clear on the left side of the street, in other words to the left of where the center white line usually is, le … [Read more...]