Senator Cortez Masto helping make Nevada a leader in developing new technology

Courtesy photo
Senator Catherine Cortez Masto taking a tour at the Consumer Electronics Show.

U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) attended the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week in Las Vegas and toured the exhibits, while discussing several bills she is leading in the Senate that would create more opportunities and resources for American cities to become SMART communities, encourage young women to pursue STEM careers, safely integrate critical Unmanned Aircraft Systems use and expand broadband access to urban and rural Nevada. These are part of her efforts in the Senate to accelerate Nevada’s transformation into an Innovation State by fostering innovation, attracting investments, creating jobs and making the state a leader in developing new technology.

“CES is not only a platform for companies to introduce what’s new and next, but also a place where some of the best minds in the industry come together to discuss solutions for the twenty-first century. Big ideas that enhance our way of life are a driving force for economic growth and innovation. It’s exciting to see so much of it happening right here in Nevada. We must use the emergence of these new ideas and concepts as a way to help our communities thrive. This means using innovative technologies to improve our transportation systems, to ensure a diverse and educated workforce STEM education, and investing in our communities, both big and small, by ensuring access to broadband and connecting every Nevadan to our growing digital world.”

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  1. From a previous article:

    “Catherine Cortez Masto, handpicked by Reid to be his Democratic successor. She has been endorsed by the Sierra Club. Yes, the Sierra Club, which praised her for “protecting Nevada’s vast and unique public lands,” meaning protecting it from productive use by hardworking Nevadans.

    ”The Sierra Club shares my priorities of protecting and preserving Nevada’s public lands for future generations and I’m honored to have their support in my campaign to be Nevada’s next senator,” Cortez Masto said of the endorsement.”

    Somebody might want to tell the good Senator where all the materials that go into those electronics (and anything else that can’t be grown) comes from. Pretty easy bet the Sierra Club doesn’t want to know. But then again The Sierra Club isn’t her constituent, either.

    Or is it?

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