WPMS Cougars win league championships

Courtesy photo
Boy A Team: Back- Coach Scott Romsos. Left to Right: Kobe Barnes, Jack Cessford, Tristan Pierce, Matt VanTassell, Dane Shady, Drake Orton, Joey Leyba, Tyler Lawrence, Coach Roman Mariani, Tyler Petersen.

Courtesy photo
Boys B Team: Back: Coach Roman Mariana, Coach Scott Romsos. Back row: Braden Swannick, Michael Kunz, Kanigh Snyder, Dave Partay and Seth Manning. Front Row: Jase Bovi, Juan Labra, Kason Ernest, Thomas Griffin, Koston Burnett and Cameron Dolezal

The boys A basketball team had a great season, going undefeated in league play, and handily defeating Pahrump, which competes in a league one level higher than White Pine. The A team capped off their season with an impressive win over Battle Mountain to win the A team Sage Brush League Championship.

The boys B basketball team also had a great season with impressive wins over both Pahrump and Battle Mountain during the season. The B team capped off their season by winning the B team Sage Brush League Championship.

Congratulations to all these young men who worked hard and represented White Pine Middle School so well. Great season Cougars.

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