Fire chief resigns his position

The White Pine County Commission will be holding a special meeting on Monday, April 16, to accept the resignation of the Fire Chief Tim Woolever.

Woolever’s last day will be April 21.  That is just one week notice for a resignation. The Fire District will have to appoint an interim Fire Chief and there is also an agenda item to consider separating the Emergency Management duties form the District Fire Chief job description to hire a half time Director of Emergency Management.

Woolever preceded Bret Waters who left the county in May of 2016. Waters was hired on in February of 2014 and did a short stint with the County Fire Department before leaving just two years later.

William Ward served as the interim until Woolever was hired. At the time, the county was in the middle of a study of the Fire and EMS for the County. The board agreed to begin the recruitment process looking for a new chief.

Woolever has only been with the White Pine County Fire Department for a short time as well.  Woolever began with White Pine County in June of 2016.  Woolever appeared before the County Commission in a closed personnel session in July 2017 and again in February of 2018.  The Fire District has been on every commission meeting’s agenda discussing various issues, but one that seems to have been a continues battle is the interlocal agreement.

Woolever makes the ninth fire chief for White Pine County in the last nine years, compared to the City having eight fire chiefs in 110 years.

Woolever was contacted for a comment but he was not available and commission chairman Richard Howe was contacted but he would not  give a comment.

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  1. Hornhunter says:

    9 Fire Chiefs in 9 years! Sounds like the powers to be at the County need to take a long look in the mirror!

    • He is now on the list of government indictments #2016. I hear that there are a couple more in the county and city being looked at or watched. Its going to be a interesting next couple of years. I knew things didnt smell right since i got here. I also hear that it is possible for one persons property and assets to be seized. Good luck …..! #rhyme

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