Lemich picked as parade grand marshall

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A native to White Pine for more than 80 years, Mike Lemich has been selected to be the Grand Marshal for this years Fourth of July parade. This years theme? Hooked on White Pine and there is no doubt that Lemich is hooked on many aspects of White Pine.

Lemich was born in 1936 in Tonapah Canyon, Ruth, was raised by his parents who migrated here from Croatia in approximately 1920.

Lemich attend Ruth Elementary, White Pine High School, the University of Reno, and Utah State University. He was a member of the Nevada National Guard, and prior member of the Ely Volunteer Fire Department.

Lemich spent 16 years serving on the Nevada Fish and Game Commission and 14 of those years on the Executive Board. Former Deputy White Pine County Assessor, a business owner for 17 years of a local sporting goods store and has been a self-employed contractor for over 40 years.

In 1955 Lemich became the founding member of the White Pine Little League.

In 1969, Lemich worked close with NDOW to acquire matching funds for the purchase of Cave Lake, Willow Creek and the Charcoal Ovens.

Receiving several awards including an award from the Cowbells in 1975 for unselfish and outstanding service, a Meritorious Service Award in 1977 from the White Pine County 4H program, several awards from the McGill E.M.T.’s for Outstanding Service, Support and Contributions in 1988, 1992 and 1994 and an award in 2010 from the Vietnam War Memorial Commitee has undoubtedly proved Lemich’s passion to help White Pine County.

Lemich has been an Ely Rotarian since approximately in 1975, and has served as president in the past. He continuously gives back to the community through either service or the gracious donation of equipment, land or man hours of labor.

Lemich donated the labor and equipment for the original expansion of the little league fields, and the soccer field at Steptoe Park.

He has assisted with the expansion of the White Pine Golf Course on the back nine, improvements at the McGill Pool, excavation of the Geo Thermal Heat Field at the Great Basin College, labor and equipment donation and labor for the creation of the War Memorial at the County Courthouse park.

Lemich established the initial White Pine Railroad Foundation and currently offers space to UNR for small business development.

Lemich was been married for more than 56 years to his loving wife Dolores Lemich. Together, they have three daughters, Boja, who was named after his mother and his other two daughters, Sonya and Tonya.  Lemich also has four grandchildren,Emilee, Seth, Regina and Cy.

Lemich said, “On July 26, 2018, I ran out of gas,” but we’re sure he still has many tanks of fuel left in him to continue on with his passion and drive for White Pine.

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  1. Joe & Sharron Hutchings says:

    Way to go Mike!

  2. Excellent pick!
    I can’t think of a better Grand Marshal than Big Mike.

  3. GERI Mayes says:

    You certainly deserve that honor
    Mike your Ruth friend Darrel Mayes
    Would be so proud of you. Wish I could be
    in Ely on the fourth to see the parade
    Regards. Geri Manning Mayes

  4. Dale W Green says:

    Congratulations Mike!! I agree… perfect pick. Very honorable and absolutely stellar person. This man earned his way every step of his life and always went the extra mile without every blinking an eye. Tremendous contributor and example in the building of a community. From time I was a young boy, to a troubled one, Mike is the type of person who continues to believe in all the potential positiveness in people which seemed to be a lost or unobtainable quality among many in the league. So glad to see him recognized for the fantastic individual that he is and always has been!

    ĐᗩⱠᕮ ᗯ ǤᖇᕮᕮN

  5. Dale W Green says:

    ….apologies for the typo … every = ever blinking an eye.

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