Without Obamacare, rural economies may suffer most

Rural Americans played a big part in sending Donald Trump to the White House, with 64 percent of those voters pulling the lever for the billionaire real estate developer. Yet the president’s and Republican leaders’ efforts to make good on a pro … [Read more...]

Leader points to rural-urban teamwork

The rugged independence of rural life provides a fertile environment for entrepreneurship, but rural economies depend on more than just sheer grit and determination to succeed. Rural areas make extensive use of government programs. Rural broadband … [Read more...]

Rural, and making it: Bringing manufacturing to small towns

Battle Born Media He charged companies whatever he wanted as a freelance industrial designer, but he left it all to become part of a rural manufacturing renaissance. It started five years ago, when after 15 years of designing, Jonathan Baker … [Read more...]

Technology can improve rural healthcare, but funding a problem

By Ben Rowley Special to The Ely Times Access to healthcare is a challenge throughout rural America. Though many rural areas have small hospitals and clinics, more specialized services are hard to find. “Only about ten percent of physicians p … [Read more...]

Rural Nevada grinding towards economic diversity

Special to The Ely Times The rural job market is a mixed bag. Rural counties in the United States gained about 150,000 jobs over the last 12 months, according to the Daily Yonder. The rural unemployment rate decreased by over one percent during … [Read more...]