Millionaires on a food stamp diet?

By Danny Tyree If you’re a follower of the Huffington Post, you’ve probably read about Panera Bread founder and CEO Ron Shaich and his week-long commitment to spend no more than $4.50 a day on food, thus spotlighting the plight of the 49 million Am … [Read more...]

AM Radio: Can/Should It Be Saved?

By Danny Tyree I don’t think my relationship with AM radio is particularly unique. I have priceless memories of the early morning drive to college, listening to bluegrass music on “clear channel 650-WSM, the Air Castle of the South.” But 3 … [Read more...]

‘Just say touche’ Day: It’s almost here

By Danny Tyree In my own little way, I would like to contribute to civilized discourse by declaring Friday, September 13, to be National “Just Say Touche” Day. “Touche,” of course, is defined by the Collins English Dictionary as “an acknow … [Read more...]

Let’s all write America’s bucket list

By Danny Tyree Over the summer I’ve perused three or four books about bucket lists (those collections of tasks, large and small, that one dreams of completing before “kicking the bucket”) and my reading dovetails nicely with the perceived sta … [Read more...]

Are you killing yourself with exercise?

By Danny Tyree You’ve probably never heard of bigorexia; but according to CBS New York, it’s a growing health hazard, affecting as many as 45 percent of men at some point in their lives. Bigorexia (or muscle dysmorphia or Adonis syndrome) … [Read more...]

MLK’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech turns 50

By Danny Tryee Mark your calendar for August 28, the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s iconic “I Have A Dream” speech, which was delivered to more than 250,000 civil rights supporters from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I’ll be … [Read more...]

Childless couples: Do they deserve to live?

By Danny Tryee Whether you’re arising from a long, luxurious sleep or frantically cleaning up melted crayons, surely you have a strong opinion on the cover story in the August 12 “Time” magazine: “The Childfree Life: When Having It All Means … [Read more...]

Are Pigs Smarter than Dogs? And Should We Care?

By Danny Tyree My son Gideon, age nine, is hog wild about the classic CBS sitcom “Green Acres,” which counts the super-intelligent pig Arnold Ziffel among its characters. So I couldn’t resist the recent Associated Press headline “Pigs Smar … [Read more...]

Your Car’s Black Box: Friend or Foe?

By Danny Tryee Maybe you were never told. Maybe you just forgot. But you probably don’t think about your car “spying” on you. According to the New York Times, there is a growing controversy over the fact that 96 percent of new vehicles sol … [Read more...]

America, Let’s Be No. 1 at Corruption!

By Danny Tyree Despite all the caterwauling you hear about nepotism, rigged elections, waivers, loopholes, crony capitalism, foxes guarding henhouses, gerrymandered legislative districts, incompetent court-appointed attorneys, misleading … [Read more...]