Thank you to those that frequent the senior center

Why is that in the spring, 54 degrees feels very warm and yet this morning it felt very cold. I wanted to take time today to thank all of the people at the senior center. It is quite a task to make a monthly menu and follow through on everything. … [Read more...]

Senior News: Open house scheduled for new RSVP office on Sept. 6

This week was filled with putting items away at the new RSVP office and setting up phone service, long distance and Internet service. All is finally in order and the office is up and running. We have had several guests come to view the office … [Read more...]

Senior News: County help RSVP move to new building, still seeking donations

This week was a rough week for RSVP. We had two food distributions and had to move to a new office. The county was very efficient in moving the office, but they wouldn’t stick around to unload all the boxes and put everything away. Things are pretty m … [Read more...]

RSVP moving to a new address, sponsoring exercise program

I can now say that RSVP is moving to a new home at 1472 McGill Highway. This office was proposed first on April 13. Government moves slow, but gets there sooner or later with a few wrong turns here and there. We will have an open house when fully … [Read more...]

Senior Center raised over $700 in parking lot sale

The biggest thing this week was the Relay for Life. There was a big turn out for all events and I understand the money taken in was another milestone. I know Ely raised more money last year then some of the big cities. Good job Ely. The other big … [Read more...]

Senior News: No excuse not to have fun this Fourth of July weekend

What a weekend. If you did not have a good time, it is your fault! I was busy from dusk to dawn. Baker, Ruth, Ely it did not matter where I was it was fun and friends. I met many new friends and laughed with olds ones. Nevada Facts and … [Read more...]

County residents should try to attend commission meetings

It was a very busy week, mostly fun. I got my computer up and running.  I attended the commissioners meeting this week. I do recommend it for every citizen to sit in on a commission meeting, it can be very entertaining and you never know what you … [Read more...]

Focus on what is important and the rest will fall into place

I do hope you had as good a week as I did. I was taken to a wonderful dinner at the Jailhouse, lunch at Happy Garden, a barbecue at my grandson's house, Saturday morning cleaning up the city of Ely (what a wonderful group of people. I had a great … [Read more...]

Senior News: Needy families receive Thanksgiving boxes

By G Wop It has been quite a week. After Friday night I thought I would never get warm again, but when I got home my wonderful son had a nice hot meal fixed and a fire going. I do hope you all have someone as kind as I do. I am truly … [Read more...]

Senior news: Margaritas gift card up for grabs in drawing

That rain was long, but boy does my lawn look good. Mowing it was not fun, so I had my son do it. The lambs loved eating the clippings. My drawing is this week. You did remember to put a clipping in the box. No time cards please. The prize this … [Read more...]