Animals still being gassed despite PETA’s offer to help

  Euthanasia happens and it’s something no one ever wants to talk about.  It is a complex ethical matter, and while in some situations it’s unavoidable. A sick or injured animal, vicious animal or the unfortunate demise the shelter bein … [Read more...]

Hunters sentenced in poaching case

Edwin Singler and son Ryan Singler were sentenced earlier this week for charges of unlawful killing of a big game animal that occurred in 2015. Kelly Brown, the Singler’s legal counsel spoke on the behalf of the father and son. “First I’d like to a … [Read more...]

Debate breaks out on job descriptions

The White Pine County Commission held its commission meeting on Wednesday, March 14. One agenda item in particular that caused some contention between the commissioners was an agenda item placed on the agenda by Commissioner Steve Stork for … [Read more...]

Candidates start to file for seats

Filing opened on Monday for individuals seeking local or statewide offices in the 2018 election. The two-week filing period ends on March 16, at 5 p.m. The filing fee for county office is $100; and $30 for school yrustee, hospital trustee, … [Read more...]

Board making changes

The White Pine County Tourism and Recreation Board held its meeting last week, and only two months into the new year the board is already moving forward with some new changes. When it came to the board to approve staff to travel to different … [Read more...]

High school student detained after threat

On Tuesday, Feb. 20, staff at the White Pine County High School became aware of some disturbing comments allegedly made by a student. Following policy, staff initiated an investigation and detained the juvenile until law enforcement arrived. At … [Read more...]

Agenda includes hard look at personnel cuts

The City of Ely seems to be having frequent financial discussions on its agenda. At a meeting two weeks ago, City Administrator Bob Switzer put on the agenda for discussion and possible action to make the animal control officer position half time, … [Read more...]

New network services coming along quickly

New network service called Choice Splash is in the works, and its progress is moving along swiftly. The construction phase of infrastructure is getting ready to kick off. Construction of the new towers, poles and assets is set to begin as early as … [Read more...]

Discussions continue on workforce

The Ely City Council held its meeting last Thursday and there was not an open seat in the room, with approximately 35 to 40 people in attendance. Many were there to show support for the agenda item recommending the grandfathering in of the five … [Read more...]

Bathtub races cancelled

The White Pine County Tour and Rec Board held a special meeting last week. Steve Stork is new to the board and also holds the position as chairman for the board. Several items on the agenda focused on the Director, Ed Spear. Approving the 2018 … [Read more...]