Tour & Rec makes offer to director candidate

The Ely Times Last week’s Tour and Rec Board meeting had several agenda items, but one in particular was the selection of a new Director for the Tour and Rec Board.  Ed Spear held this position for 18 years and his contract expired earlier this ye … [Read more...]

White Pine residents get new voting machines

When you go to the polls to cast your ballot, you may notice a significant change in the voting machines. The State of Nevada received  a grant for $8 million that allowed all counties in Nevada to purchase brand new voting machines and poll books … [Read more...]

Animal control officer gets more training

The City of Ely has been taking many steps to move forward with various efforts from animal related organizations to assist the Animal Control facility with it daily functions and procedures. Animal Control Officer Andrew Hayes recently attended a … [Read more...]

Ely man graduates from drug program

The Ely Times National Drug Court Month is May 2018, and it is reported that more than 3,300 drug courts exist across the United States. White Pine County had a recent drug court graduation this past Monday with two graduates. One particular … [Read more...]

KGHM hosts open house

  The Ely Times KGHM held an open house on Tuesday, May 15 at the Bristlecone Convention Center. More than 140 people from the community were in attendance. Several booths were in place with everything from samples of the different … [Read more...]

Ely offers car drivers a chance to go all out

The Ely Times Ever wondered what it would be like to race along 120 miles of closed, two-lane public highway while going 110 miles per hour? How about 125 or even 155 miles per hour? No semis, oncoming traffic or cops writing tickets. Just you … [Read more...]

Treasurer Trask resigns; council mulls replacement

The Ely Times The Ely City Council held a special meeting on Monday to approve City Treasurer Janette Trask’s resignation. Both councilmen Kurt Carson and Tony DeFelice were absent but the remainder of council members was enough to hold a q … [Read more...]

Lawsuit could halt new hotel project

The Ely Times A request for a road abandonment, sounds like an easy decision, right? Not many people really even pay attention when it’s on an agenda. It’s definitely not something you think about when your driving down a road. But, it’s big if you … [Read more...]

Gas chamber for animals dismantled

The Ely Times The animal shelter in the City of Ely has officially ended its use of the gas chamber to euthanize animals. Last Thursday, the request for approval to destroy the box was placed on last week’s city council agenda by Councilmen E … [Read more...]

Financial reporting awarded

The Ely Times White Pine County was recently awarded with a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. The Certificate is the highest form of recognition in governmental accounting and financial reporting, and its attainment … [Read more...]