Author: Michael Regan

Idiots against guns

By Michael Reagan The Idiots Against Guns in the media and Congress overdid it this time. Not wanting to miss a chance to politicize a shooting tragedy, the anti-gun nuts went berserk Monday when news broke that a man had gone...

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A case of national whiplash

By Michael Reagan Did you see the hopeful breaking news about Syria? “Russia takes control of Syrian chemical weapons.” That was the headline I saw on the Daily Kos website. The story quoted Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei...

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Presidential dithering

By Michael Reagan John Kerry put on quite a war dance in the Senate last Tuesday. The Secretary of State, backed up by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey, went before the Foreign Relations...

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Obama’s blundering incompetence

By Michael Reagan I don’t know who’s more confused about Syria, President Obama or me. With his alleged use of poison gas against his own people, including women and children, Bashar al-Assad of Syria has crossed our president’s...

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The butler from another planet

By Michael Reagan You’ve taken a great story about a real person and real events and twisted it into a bunch of lies. You took the true story of Eugene Allen, the White House butler who served eight presidents from 1952 to 1986,...

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