Author: Tina Dupuy

The Creationist with an iPhone paradox

By Tina Dupuy Americans believe in science. Generally, most of us have faith in medicine. A majority of Americans, though ever-thinning, tell pollsters they’re religious and yet we’ve reached virtual consensus about going to the...

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Five things Republicans have repealed

By Tina Dupuy House Speaker John Boehner says Republicans should be judged not on what laws they’ve made but by what laws they’ve repealed. I’d like to offer a brief list of the fallout of the GOP’s existential crisis: 1....

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For Shame for Poor-Shaming

By Tina Dupuy You’ve heard the term “slut-shaming.” It’s a tactic used by those fighting to repeal the 20th century. As women make strides for equality, a chorus of antiquities pronounces women who want to work outside the home...

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Fix Congress: Overturn Vieth v Jubelirer

By Tina Dupuy OK House Republicans—I give up. Since you’ve been the majority the only thing you’ve accomplished is naming things after Reagan and voting to repeal Obamacare an unprecedented—let alone unreasonable—38 times....

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