Reid hypocritical in his arguments about Supreme Court nomination process

Some people are ambidextrous. Harry Reid is ambioratory. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth. This past week one of Sen. Reid’s staffers penned an op-ed column that ran under his name in The Washington Post on the topic of replacing the late, … [Read more...]

Tax Tips: If you received form 1099; don’t throw it away

By John R. Bullis Mr. Shankar received a form 1099-MISC that reported “other income” of $668 from Citibank but did not report it on his 2009 income tax return. He thought when he used the award of “Thank You” points to buy an airline ticket, it … [Read more...]

A few things to cogitate before going to the presidential caucuses

In a matter of days Nevada Democrats and Republicans will be asked to lend their support to one of their parties’ candidates in the state’s first-in-the-West caucuses. The decisions will be closely watched by the rest of the nation and could help … [Read more...]

Absurdly trivial conflicts escalate to tragedy

T he absurdity of it all would be comical if the consequences were not so extraordinarily dire. One man is dead, shot to death by officers at a roadblock. Father and son ranchers are in prison serving mandatory five-year terms under an … [Read more...]

Where the presidential candidates stand on public land issues

With the Nevada presidential caucuses just weeks away we are offering readers a glimpse into the stances of the candidates on a key issue — federal public lands control. For the Democrats there is not much choice. Bernie Sanders has not taken a … [Read more...]

Democrats are all for smart guns and dumb ballots

Democrats are calling for technology to be used in an attempt to thwart gun violence. They want smart guns to be mandated. Obama, after issuing his fatwa, er, executive order expanding the requirement for background checks prior to gun purchase, … [Read more...]

Huge case: One judge’s bias is another’s hard-earned experience

Earlier this month a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals printed out for the various federal public land agencies in the West a license to steal. The court kicked the quarter-century-old fight between the Pine Creek Ranch … [Read more...]

How are public school parents harmed when others exit public schools?

District Judge James Wilson in Carson City earlier this month issued an injunction blocking the implementation of the legislatively approved education savings accounts (ESAs), which were to be launched next month. In doing so, the judge said the … [Read more...]

Lawsuit challenges practice of state gifts to private companies

Earlier this month the Nevada Supreme Court heard arguments on procedural matters in a case that seeks to have declared unconstitutional the state’s practice of handing out gifts to businesses that agree to operate in Nevada and create jobs. The … [Read more...]

Sen. Reid doesn’t need a slush fund to cover retirement expenses

Harry Reid, who became a multi-millionaire over the course of his many decades as an elected and appointed public servant, never seems to run out of schemes to avoid spending that wealth when he can instead tap other sources of funds as if they were … [Read more...]