In their own words, Nevada delegation addresses refugee issue

It is truly a disgusting state of affairs when the leaders of one political party toss aside legitimate concerns about national security and public safety in order to engage in political pandering, mockery and name-calling. Within days of the … [Read more...]

Health and safety of Nevada community in limbo, awaiting BLM approval

The residents of the tiny community of Baker at the entrance to Great Basin National Park are concerned that their health and safety may be jeopardized for the sake of some vague concerns about perturbing sage grouse. This past spring the Baker … [Read more...]

Someone needs to commit to realist wild horse population control

Twenty Republican members of Congress, including Nevada’s Sen. Dean Heller and Rep. Mark Amodei, sent a letter earlier this month to Neil Kornze, the director of the Bureau of Land Management, asking him to provide suggestions for how to rein in the … [Read more...]

Obama’s 21st century policy directive: Manifest Inertia

During the 19th century Americans fulfilled our Manifest Destiny, settling the land, tilling the soil, building businesses and industries from coast to coast. But in this 21st century President Obama and his legions of paperwork pushing, … [Read more...]

Residents must have more say on what happens in their communities

A  federal judge has handed the residents of Searchlight a major victory in their fight to challenge a federal land agency’s attempt to ramrod approval of a massive wind farm by ignoring the law, science and the facts. U.S. District Judge Miranda … [Read more...]

Federal bureaucrats ignored state and local input on land use plans

You have the right to remain silent. No, you have the obligation to remain silent, because if you don’t you’ll be slapped with the very thing you’ve worked against for four years at the cost of millions of dollars and countless man-hours — listing … [Read more...]

Remember how they voted on the budget when you vote

This past week Congress kicked the budget can down the road, along with any pretense of trying to rein in deficit spending that will balloon the federal debt to $20 trillion, passing a budget deal that blows the top off budget caps and gives Obama a … [Read more...]

To ‘negotiate’ with the feds, you have to speak their language

Will the real Brian Sandoval please stand up? This past week the Nevada governor stood virtually alone in rebuking Attorney General Adam Laxalt for joining in a lawsuit seeking to block Interior Department plans to enforce draconian land use … [Read more...]

Courts must expedite approval of school choice law

With the school year already under way and the Nevada treasurer’s office working apace to implement the state’s new education savings account law early in 2016, it is vital that the courts make short work of the American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit … [Read more...]

Rest of Nevada should have same growth opportunity as Clark County

You know the type. No sooner do they move into a nice, new neighborhood than they stand up and say, “That’s enough. No more new residents. No more new homes. Lock the gates. Throw away the key.” Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani and … [Read more...]