Reid and Obama playing fast and loose with the facts about ‘green’ energy

When President Obama took the stage to close out Harry Reid’s traveling planet salvation show this past week in Las Vegas, he accused opponents of his sweeping clean energy plans of spreading misinformation. “We refuse to surrender the hope of a … [Read more...]

Born in the USA—Congress may decide whether that warrants citizenship

When Donald Trump released a position paper on immigration earlier this month, he could not resist taking a potshot at Nevada’s Sen. Harry Reid. “End birthright citizenship. This remains the biggest magnet for illegal immigration. By a 2:1 margin, … [Read more...]

Judges find in the folds of the law a right to watch predators

You never know what new, previously unheard of rights some federal judges can find tucked in the folds of the law. Earlier this month a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, of course, rejected a decision by … [Read more...]

Tax hike battle should prove to be a bruiser — politically and legally

This should get interesting. A group of people calling themselves the We Decide Coalition has filed an initiative petition with the Nevada Secretary of State that would give voters a chance to repeal the $1.4 billion in tax hikes passed by the … [Read more...]

Innovation is better solution for energy supply than regulation

The left never lets the facts get in the way of a good harangue or the profits of their cronies in the renewable energy business. The well-being of the citizens and communities be damned. For example, in 2009, after a three-year battle with Sen. … [Read more...]

Nevada provides another example of why civil asset forfeitures should be banned

The pernicious and corrupting influence of civil asset forfeiture procedures is on display this summer in still another Nevada case. The temptations for law enforcement agencies are so great that some will connive, conspire and twist the Fourth … [Read more...]

Bill might give Nevada a seat at the nuke waste negotiating table

Two weeks ago Nevada’s Sens. Harry Reid and Dean Heller introduced Senate Bill 1825, which, if passed, will require the Secretary of Energy to obtain the consent  of any affected state and local governments before establishing a nuclear waste … [Read more...]

Latest test scores show futility of throwing money at weak education reforms

Over the past four decades, according to a Cato Institute analysis, Nevada has increased K-12 public school funding by 80 percent per pupil, adjusted for inflation. During those four decades student test scores have actually fallen slightly. Now … [Read more...]

Nevada’s D.C. delegation could tip the scales in Iran deal

Believe it or not, the tiny Nevada delegation in Washington could play a significant role in international affairs, the likes of which could be compared to the Munich Pact of 1938 that inexorably led to World War II. Obama’s deal with Iran not … [Read more...]

You too can spot wildfires from the comfort of home

The Bureau of Land Management has new eyes to spot wildfires quickly so they can be attacked before they grow into huge acreage gobbling infernos. Those eyes could be yours. The BLM has handed the University of Nevada, Reno’s Seismological … [Read more...]