Five years later, owners of church retreat still await justice

While media attention has been focused on a brace of Bunkerville Bundy brothers bunking with some buddies bearing arms in federal buildings in a wildlife refuge near Burns, Ore., in a futile gesture of protest over the mistreatment of a local … [Read more...]

Courts should let the voters decide on commerce tax – again

In 2014 the voters of Nevada rejected by a 4-to-1 margin a tax on company revenues being pushed by the state teachers’ union. Instead, the 2015 Legislature adopted a smaller version of the same job killing business margin tax — this time dubbed a … [Read more...]

Education savings accounts law still lies in legal limbo

On New Year’s Day Nevada’s Senate Bill 302 — creating education savings accounts (ESAs) available to parents who pull their children out of public school and enroll them in private schools or homeschool them — became law. Or did it? After a … [Read more...]

Congress must address Western issues it has ignored

In a few days Nevada’s Washington delegation will return to the swamp on the Potomac to face a number of major issues for the state and the West that failed to be taken care of in 2015, particularly in the massive, 2,000-page, $1.1 trillion omnibus … [Read more...]

Nevada is killing jobs it spent tax money to attract

Sometimes the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Two years ago the Governor’s Office of Economic Development doled out $1.2 million to entice rooftop solar panel installer SolarCity to open an office in Nevada and create … [Read more...]

Eureka commissioners call on governor to support land use lawsuit

The day after Interior Secretary Sally Jewell declared that the greater sage grouse are “not warranted” for listing under the Endangered Species Act, but instead would be protected under a new Greater Sage-Grouse Land Use Plan Amendment (LUPA), … [Read more...]

Lawmakers spending money to entice new business is a bad bet

Hard on the heels of slapping existing taxpayers with $1.5 billion in new levies, our ever considerate lawmakers on Saturday overwhelmingly passed a package of bills that play Santa to a potential new business by doling out tax breaks and promises of … [Read more...]

State and couties should continue federal land use litigationState and counties should continue federal land use litigation

Gov. Brian Sandoval’s negotiations with the Interior Department’s Secretary Sally Jewell reached some compromises that provide some relief from the draconian land use plans the department promulgated after deciding the greater sage grouse did not … [Read more...]

High court apparently finds Republicans who support Reid are disreputable

It’s like in the movie “Miracle on 34th Street,” if the court says Edmund Gwenn is Santa Claus, then, by golly, he must be Santa Claus. Now that the Nevada Supreme Court has said a libel case can go forward, it must have concluded that a … [Read more...]

Reid vilely using tragedy to try to silence others

Have you no shame, Harry Reid? Is there no tragedy, no calamity that you won’t exploit for your political demagoguery and use to besmirch honest and sincere people whose only shortcoming is disagreeing with you and your liberal ilk? Mere days … [Read more...]