Editorial: ‘Broken’ U.S. Senate blamed on Harry Reid

By Thomas Mitchell The spotlight is on Nevada’s senior senator, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and it is casting some dark and ugly shadows. Practically every news report out of Washington in the past few weeks has featured a snarling and … [Read more...]

Ethics law too vague when ‘willful’ intent must be determined by courts

Imagine if the traffic laws were written in the same manner as Nevada’s public ethics law — using a “reasonable person” standard. Thus the speed limit would be what a “reasonable person” would perceive it to be depending on traffic and road … [Read more...]

Losing grip on water grab

By Thomas Mitchell This past week’s ruling by a state judge is doubtlessly the last straw for an already moribund attempt by Las Vegas to expropriate groundwater from Lincoln and White Pine counties. Though the Southern Nevada Water Authority … [Read more...]

Nevada disclosure law fails free speech muster

Would that Nevada had a few judges as perspicacious as ones found in Arizona and Mississippi. While a Carson City judge was fining and penalizing a Virginia-based conservative group more than $100,000 for buying television commercials without … [Read more...]

Shield law protects journalists, sources

By Thomas Mitchell Normally those in the press don’t seek any privilege not accorded any other citizen, but by the very nature of the job — showing up at fires and car crashes, attending public meetings, poking into nooks and crannies of … [Read more...]

Free speech is a right not a priviledge

A Carson City judge this past week ordered a Virginia-based conservative group to pay a fine of $109,560, plus interest, plus attorney fees for violating a Nevada law that requires any group that engages in “express advocacy” in elections to register … [Read more...]

Obamacared to single payer

By Thomas Mitchell It’s not a bug. It’s a feature. Yes, the Healthcare.gov website is a dud. Yes, people are losing their health insurance plans that they liked. Period. Yes, the prices of new individual policies are 41 percent higher on … [Read more...]

Tax money could shift from education

By Thomas Mitchell Money is fungible. This fact appears to have escaped the backers of a margins tax on businesses that is supposed to raise money for K-12 education. The measure is on the November 2014 ballot. The Nevada State Education … [Read more...]

White Pine Mining District preceeded county

Scoop away. This was the type of shovel used at the Ruth pit in the mid 1920’s. Jim Puryear is standing next to the boom. 
(Courtesy of J.E. Puryear, Pictorial History book)

  By Thomas Mitchell White Pine County derives its name from the White Pine Mountains on which there are, of course, many white pines. It was created in 1869 from Lander County with its county seat first established in Hamilton, before … [Read more...]

How margins tax hurts business

By Thomas Mitchell Though the November 2014 mid-term election is still a year away, business leaders are starting a drumbeat of opposition to a tax initiative on the ballot. Voters will be asked whether to impose a 2 percent margins tax on … [Read more...]

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