Author: Tom Purcell

Why Duck Dynasty viewers flock

By Tom Purcell Like millions of Americans, I’ve become a “Duck Dynasty” fan. “Duck Dynasty,” as you surely are aware, is an A&E reality show that presents the Robertson clan, the long-bearded owners and operators of Duck...

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Health Really Is Everything

By Tom Purcell IHis neck and underarms were swollen. His skin itched, particularly on his arms. Sleeping at night was impossible. The symptoms started five years ago. He was 50 then. He’d been fit and healthy all his life. The...

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It’s (no longer) a Jeep thing

By Tom Purcell I became upset when I got word. Jeep, reports Automotive News, is shifting its focus away from hearty off-road 4X4’s to, mostly, dinky little two-wheel-drive cars that ride smoothly on paved roads — the kind of...

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Why I sometimes long for the Cold War

By Tom Purcell I‘ve been thinking about the sorry state of American culture, and that made me reminisce about the Cold War. You remember the Cold War. It brought us espionage, alliances with cheesy dictators and a devotion to...

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