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Is This You?

The Microwave If you have been on Mother Earth for more than let’s say fifty years you may remember when microwave ovens were a new thing. I still have no idea how a microwave oven works. Of course I still don’t know how my...

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Mayor’s Moment

The $30 Million DOT Project will bring new antique lighting downtown with new and more lighting along Aultman Street and Great Basin Boulevard. New sidewalks will be also added to both sides of Great Basin Boulevard. A couple of...

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Kinder Garden

Courtesy photo Ms. Marich poses with her students in their “Kinder Garden” at McGill Elementary School. Ms. Marich, along with some volunteers, built the garden this past spring. She plans on continuing to teach...

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Museum Musings

Lost to the past is one of the most amazing and widely used inventions the industrial era ever created. The typewriter. As with many inventions, such as the telephone, sewing machine and automobile numerous people, whether...

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