Dan Braddock retires from the McGill Drug Store

For the past 23 years, I have operated the McGill Historical Drug Store Museum and enjoyed every minute of it, as of this date, I am officially retiring from that position. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me … [Read more...]

Robinson Donation

Courtesy photo Amanda Hilton, Robinson Mine General Manager, presents Mitch McVicars, President of the Bristlecone Bowman, with a donation check to support their Annual Cave Lake 3-D Archery Shoot.  Proceeds from the Archery Shoot assist with … [Read more...]

Veterans Memorial 5K winners

The Veterans War Memorial Foundation held their annual 5k walk on the morning of the Fourth of July. Several veterans showed up to run, walk, bike and show their support. Many others came to thank the Veterans for their service, and walked, or ran … [Read more...]

Is This You?

  It’s a Horse Race If you have never been to a horse race you have got to go to one or two or twelve. Beware though. If you have any clogging of arteries this may just be the thing that will get your heart going enough to clean out those ar … [Read more...]

Chamber Meeting

The White Pine Chamber Board will hold their meeting Tues., July 17 at All Aboard Cafe at noon. Kevin Robinson of Mt. Wheeler Power will be speaking on Question 3. The public is welcome, and can have lunch on their own. … [Read more...]

Keith’s Corner

 Purple Engine Oil for Cars ?? By Keith Gibson Never heard of such a weird thing?  Well an oil company that was popular in the 50s was Union Oil and they had purple oil, it was called Royal Triton.   Tony Fondi and Frank Quilicy,  had a Union Oi … [Read more...]

What’s Bugging You?

Turf Pests ,   Billbugs and Lawn Moths There is a lot of insect damage to our lawns this time of year.  It may look like your under watering or have dry spots that you know are getting watered. The picture here shows some significant billbug da … [Read more...]

White Pine History

The Fine Arts Centennial building was first the LDS Tabernacle; then Construction Offices; then Reno/Las Vegas Catholic Diocese property When President Reagan announced in 1980 that the MX Missle Project would be halted in White Pine County, the … [Read more...]

Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention – Saint George, Utah

Jehovah’s Witnesses have launched their annual conventions in venues across 180 different lands. Locally, thousands will be traveling out of state to attend. This year’s theme is “BE COURAGEOUS!”  In view of news reports around the globe, people ar … [Read more...]

Suzie Disanza wins the Holmes Mine Rescue Association Women of the Year 2018

Suzie Disanza, Safety Coordinator/Emergency Response Coordinator for KGHM Robinson Mine, has been awarded the Holmes Mine Rescue Association Woman of the Year Award for 2018.  This national award is given to a woman who has made the most outstanding … [Read more...]