Sahara Motors donates vehicles to high school auto shop

Sahara Motors is always more than happy to help the White Pine schools whenever possible. Brett Hermansen, the shop teacher, asked Sahara if they would be willing to donate any of their vehicles that don’t run to his program. Sahara Motors … [Read more...]

WPHS Junior class to shovel snow

Throughout this winter season the junior class of 2018 at the White Pine High School is offering the service of shoveling snow for anyone in the area. Please call Cameron at 293-3987 to schedule your service. While there is no fee, donations to … [Read more...]

Mammonth hunting and other great giants in Nevada

By Dennis Cassinelli        I hope the title of my article does not prompt some local nimrods to apply to the Nevada Department of Wildlife for a mammoth tag. On the other hand, I can tell you with some authority that at one time, mammoth and … [Read more...]

Learning Bridge Charter School helps children in Haiti

Learning Bridge Charter School EL After School program has placed change jars around the community. After the island of Haiti was hit by Hurricane Matthew the students conducted their own research to see how ten students from Ely could help … [Read more...]

At the Throttle: Phoenix Dare

By Mark Bassett Recently, every mailbox in the area received an invitation to become a member of the Nevada Northern Railway Foundation. You might of thought, why should I join? 2016 was an extraordinary year at the Nevada Northern … [Read more...]

What was going on 50 years ago in Ely?

The Ely Weather Station was launching it’s first hydrogen filled balloon. Although hydrogen was much more dangerous the cost was much cheaper than helium. Governor Elect Laxalt visited Ely and invited everyone to the inaugural ball. Members of … [Read more...]

EOE 2016 proceeds to the Ely Volunteer Fire Dept.

The Ely Outdoor Enthusiasts (EOE) are excited to donate their 2016 proceeds to the Ely Volunteer Fire Department.  The EOE used funds generated from their 2016 events to purchase the fire department a brand new treadmill to replace their very … [Read more...]

Is This You? Pushing the Wall

I saw a commercial on TV recently that got me thinking. There is this woman all decked out and apparently foo-fooed with the perfume the commercial is about. But alas she is unhappy being part of the beautiful world she is in, drinkin’ champagne with … [Read more...]

50 years ago at Thanksgiving

While most of us are hitting the grocery stores for last minute items, dusting off the Kitchen Aid, cleaning the fine china and preparing for the feast of Thanksgiving, we thought it might be a great time to look back 50 years, to see what events … [Read more...]

Is This You? Picking Your Seat

Do families still have a kids table and a grown-ups table set for Thanksgiving? I hope so. That rite of passage of moving up from the little to the big table is something that should be felt by as many youngsters as possible. I can still see the … [Read more...]