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Museum Musings

The days are cooling and with it comes the changing of the leaves and crisp mornings. School has been going for a month, which always seem to slow things down. There’s more time to spend with family. With the slower pace,...

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Blessing of animals

Courtesy photo Father Sims attends to Umbra the cat during the annual St. Francis Day blessing of the animals in the Memorial Garden at Ely’s historic St. Bartholomew Church on October...

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Question of the Week

Our recent Question of the Week was: Deer sightings have become more common in the streets and parks of Ely. Do you enjoy seeing them? We received over 38 comments.  Many commented they enjoyed seeing them, and some had...

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Is This You?

Sun Seen When you plan a road trip here is a tip. Leave early in the morning. Really early. Like just before the sun comes up early. The driving that early is great. It is a little cooler, the traffic is usually light. Seeing...

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Mayor’s Moment

The question that I get asked the most is, “When are we getting our streets fixed?”  It’s a complicated, so I’m breaking this issue down into 4 parts.  The Road Dept. is a stand alone Dept. but linked to the General Fund.  The...

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