Love of literacy at Learning Bridge

Kindergarten students are exhibiting their love of literacy. Mrs. Coleman, Learning Bridge’s Kindergarten teacher gives her students the chance to explore all types of reading material. Love of the printed word was obvious as these three students w … [Read more...]

Keith’s Corner

 Car Travel during WWII By Keith Gibson Traveling by car during the years of WWII, (for the benefit of some younger folks, WWII is World War two, not eleven), was a lot different than now. A lot of things were rationed by the gubbermint at … [Read more...]

Is This You?

  I Don’t Like To… Would you be able to tell me what a GE cupboard is? I wonder. My father commented on our GE cupboard regularly. In his heyday he would have a nightly bowl of cornflakes just before bedtime. He, not unlike a kid or probably most o … [Read more...]

Bliss awarded conservation award

Chad Bliss, long time resident of Eureka County, was awarded the Wayne E. Kirch Conservation Award at the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners meeting on Saturday, August 12th. The award is given annually to recipients who have demonstrated … [Read more...]

Keith’s Corner

The Three Day Hikes By Keith Gibson The day had finally arrived in the small town of McGill, that so many parents had been anxiously awaiting.  It was that fateful day that most of us urchins would be rounded up and bused to a remote location … [Read more...]

Elks District Deputy to visit

District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Louis G. Martin will be making his official visit to Ely Elks Lodge #1469 on September 14, 2017.  He will be accompanied by his Grand Esquire Sid Beckwith PER, with all the visitors to meet with Ely Lodge’s Exalted … [Read more...]

Working lunch at Learning Bridge school

Learning Bridge student leaders held a working lunch to recap their summer activities and to schedule their future plans for the school. One major immediate goal is to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The students decided to have a … [Read more...]

Is This You?

 The Hammock                   As the rushing river of summer starts to become a bubbling brook I have found time to use our hammock a bit more and I must say that whoever invented this backyard playpen needs to get a big ole gold toned metal to wea … [Read more...]

Race the Rails event will be fun for the whole family

The first Race the Rails bike vs train race is just around the corner. The medals have arrived, the shirts, and bags are being printing, and racers are getting ready. This unique event is not just for the hard core bike racer. Anyone can join in this … [Read more...]

Salsa Fest Fun

The first Salsa Festival, held last weekend at Broadbent Park, nearly 400 people attended. It was a  good time for all and included a car show along with a big waterslide, concert and hot air balloons. There was also a salsa tasting event. Teresa … [Read more...]