Race the Rails event will be fun for the whole family

The first Race the Rails bike vs train race is just around the corner. The medals have arrived, the shirts, and bags are being printing, and racers are getting ready. This unique event is not just for the hard core bike racer. Anyone can join in this … [Read more...]

Salsa Fest Fun

The first Salsa Festival, held last weekend at Broadbent Park, nearly 400 people attended. It was a  good time for all and included a car show along with a big waterslide, concert and hot air balloons. There was also a salsa tasting event. Teresa … [Read more...]

Meet Learning Bridge’s Special Education and RtI (Response to Intervention) team

Learning Bridge Charter School is dedicated to each and every student.  To ensure all students receive the best education possible the school has, for the past four years, embraced and increased their Special Education and RtI team. Learning … [Read more...]

Is This You?

 Skipping a Beat I was standing at the back in of my car when I realized it wasn’t my car and I had no idea where my car was then a feeling of panic rose up through my innards and my heart skipped a beat. That ever happen to you? See we were le … [Read more...]

Courtesy photo “We are so excited to have all of the students bright and shining faces back here at DEN and cannot wait to see what the new school year has to bring.” … [Read more...]


Keith’s Corner

Pranksters at Work By Keith Gibson It was a few minutes before 9 a.m. that cold October day, when the grey K.C.C. security pickup pulled up alongside the smelter, electrical gang shop.  The driver, Louie “Perk” Perkins , got out and went into th … [Read more...]

The Walking Monk

Courtesy photo The Ely Lions Club hosted Bhaktimarga Swami, also known as the Walking Monk. The monk is in the midst of a “friend-raising” walk across the United States. He encouraged the Lions to walk for better health and an increased ability to … [Read more...]

Ely’s first wild horse adoption a big success

By Chris Hanefield and  KayLynn Roberts-McMurray Special to the Ely Times All four animals showcased at the Bureau of Land Management and Nevada Department of Corrections Silver State Industries saddle-trained horse and cart-trained burro … [Read more...]

90th Birthday

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.  It’s Shirley Bransford’s 90th birthday and she is keeping the dream alive.  Stop by and give her a shout out on August 25th.    Happy Birthday Mom!! … [Read more...]

Did You Know?

By Adam Young Superintendent, WPCSD The composite scores of the last three WPHS valedictorians were 32, 34, and 33 and that these scores are comparable and most cases surpass the scores of valedictorians at “college prep” factories where par … [Read more...]