AT&T internet issues to be addressed in near future

  Within weeks, a long-time local internet infrastructure issue will approach the first step to a possible resolution. Most Ely and White Pine residents rely on AT&T as the most convenient, and at times the sole, option for cable … [Read more...]

Commission will look into ballot question about fuel tax increase

The county road department reported that it received several reports of excellent snow removal during the recent spate of heavy winter weather during the White Pine County Board of Commissioners meeting on Jan. 27. County snow plows spent eight … [Read more...]

Residents complain to Ely City Council about roads

Several Ely residents voiced their opinion  on the condition of city roads during the public comments session of the Ely City Council meeting on Jan. 28. “The streets are horrendous,” said resident Rick Stork. “I haven’t seen this in 15 years. Not … [Read more...]

El Niño brings snow and below freezing temperatures to White Pine County

The El Niño influence continues to push Pacific Ocean moisture over the Sierra Nevada mountains and into central Nevada, burying White Pine County in snow levels not experienced in two years. The snow started falling Saturday, Jan. 30, with … [Read more...]

United States must jumpstart Minerals Production for a secure energy future

By Hal Quinn In 1990, the United States led the world in metals and minerals production. This was great news for America’s manufacturers because it meant they had ready access to the copper, gold, platinum, and silver needed to power everything … [Read more...]

Annual Tuesday pancake supper

The Annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper to be held at St. Bartholomew’s 209 West 7th St. (Downtown) at the undercroft 5 pm til 7 pm. $5.00 a plate Menu: Ham, eggs, pancakes, juice, or coffee All are welcome, so join us. … [Read more...]

White Pine County Sheriff’s Blotter Report

Submitted by the White Pine Sheriff’s Office for Jan. 26-Feb. 1. Information and spellings of names contained in the blotter are as released by the WPCSO. Information will not be withheld at the requests of persons whose names appear in the blotter … [Read more...]

Snow Removal

The Large amounts of snow, broken water mains, freezing of snow and ice has hampered the Cities removal of snow.  Good intentions from  those with snow plows have covered up fire hydrants, which caused delays in the snow removal as we had to attend … [Read more...]

Volunteers clean up Lehman Cave

  During the Jan. 22 to 24 weekend, Great Basin National Park hosted its annual Lehman Caves lint camp cleanup. About 25 volunteers from three states carried buckets, brushes and other cleaning supplies into the cave network. Inside … [Read more...]

White Pine Public Museum to re-open in spring; seeks new manager, board member and volunteers

While officially closed for the winter season, the White Pine Public Museum opened its doors briefly last week. It was just as well: a family of four made their way through the exhibits. Treasurer of the museum board and former mining geologist … [Read more...]